Victory Motorcycles Announces Its 2014 Lineup

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Victory Motorcycles announced its 2014 lineup at the Polaris Industries dealer meeting in Washington, D.C. Headlining the new model year motorcycles are the Cross Country 8-Ball, the Cross-Roads 8-Ball, the new Cross Country Factory Custom Paint program and a limited-edition Ness Legacy Cross Country. Victory also announced MSRP reductions and model enhancements elsewhere in the lineup.

2014 Victory Cross Country 8-Ball
2014 Victory Cross Country 8-Ball

The new Cross Country 8-Ball and Cross Roads 8-Ball wrap themselves in black and offer a pure, elemental riding experience. With MSRPs starting at $17,999 and $15,999, respectively, the new 8-Ball baggers offer convenient, easy-access storage, athletic on-road handling and hard-charging power propelled by the high-performance Freedom 106/6 V-Twin powertrain.

Riders seeking high style and more features have several new options this year with the announcement of the Victory Cross Country Factory Custom Paint program. A range of paint schemes produced from the handcrafted themes of Victory’s design team allow more individualized expression with quick ordering and limited production. The Factory Custom Paint designs are expertly applied in the Spirit Lake, Iowa, manufacturing plant and can be special ordered and delivered to a rider’s local dealership in just a couple of short weeks.

2014 Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball
2014 Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball

Those seeking an expert’s take on how to style a Victory bagger need look no further than the Ness Cross Country featuring Ness Legacy Paint. For 2014 the skills of three generations of Ness come together to co-design this stunning bagger that features a striking red and black paint scheme loaded with detail. A well-chromed engine features diamond-cut cylinder fins for a sparkle that exudes custom and detail in a way only the Nesses can. In addition, each Ness Cross Country comes with an original autographed and framed photo of Arlen, Cory, and Zach Ness featuring a limited-edition plate uniquely numbered to match the machines, for new low price of only $22,999.

“We worked hard to add features and attain price points that make 2014 Victory motorcycles more desirable than ever before,” said, Steve Menneto, Vice President for Polaris Motorcycles. “Riders know that a Victory is a rider’s bike, and now we have loads of options for them, whatever their style. We’re offering that with more value than ever before in making our motorcycles more attainable while increasing features and options. Victory Motorcycles has never had the diversity and approachability that it does for 2014.”

Price reductions and other great refinements define the Victory cruiser lineup. The popular Victory High-Ball now comes in two versions. Both feature a new, round headlight while the Suede Black and White version features cast wheels and the low starting MSRP of $13,499. A new Suede Black with Flames version of the High-Ball features traditional spoke rims, but pops with a custom inspired red flame on suede black paint job that wears its attitude on its cut off-sleeves.

The Victory Judge features a new ergonomic layout and styling cues, but maintains the powerful muscle-car inspired look that defines an adrenalin-producing ride. The Victory Jackpot now features a round headlight, a color-matched frame and striking Sunset Red and Gloss Black paint and comes in at the lowest price it’s ever had, $15,999.

The Victory Boardwalk brings high style to laid-back cruising with a new two-tone paint and pinstripe detail that’s doesn’t cost a penny more than last year’s model.

The crown jewel of the 2014 Victory Touring Line-up, announced in January, is the 15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited Edition that features a limited build but unlimited features and style, while the 2014 Cross Country Tour continues to define class-leading storage capacity, style and performance and now comes with the option of its first two-tone paint scheme in Sonic Blue & Silver. The high-style Victory Vision continues to offer the finest feature-laden ride for all-day-in-the-saddle comfort in three color options including the new Nuclear Sunset.

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  1. I really liked the cross roads but come on, a little chrome wouldn’t hurt. There is such a thing as too much black. I guess it’s moot though since Victory’s seat height is too low for those of us over 5′ something. (6′ 5″ here). I got rid of my Road Star in 2000 because the seat / floorboards/ bars were killing my back (I don’t otherwise have back problems) and it’s seat height was 28″. . Harley offers a Tall Boy seat. Just sayin’ . I really want to like Victory/Indian ,but they keep excluding me. I rode a Road King and it was doable with the Tall Boy seat.

    While I’m on the subject. It seems like Rider has very few testers that many of us can relate to. I think Salvadori is normal size, If the average height is say 5′ 8″ then it stands to reason that half the people are taller than that, right?

    Go ahead make me an offer. I am willing to relocate anywhere you want and be a tester representing this half 🙂 Right now you have publication without representation haha

    Be blessed,

  2. My response is to “Bear” on his comments concerning the low seat height of Victory models. AMEN! Finally, someone said it! Yes! Bear, I am in complete agreement with you! I too am over 6 feet tall (6′ 3″) and I don’t like sitting 28 inches off the deck either. The lower you sit, the more weight you place on your tailbone, and I cannot stand any seat under 30 inches off the deck. Like Bear mentions, Harley and even BMW offer taller seats or adjustable seats, but Victory seems to cater to the guy whos 5′ 6″.
    Andy (The VOG moderator) did a short video clip awhile back where he brings out 5 guys of different sizes and has them try the seating positions on some Victory bikes. I thought it was pretty funny that he couldn’t find anyone over 6 feet tall. And naturally, all the guys he brought out loved it.
    I even went as far as to write a letter to Victory over a year ago asking them to consider offering a taller seat for guys my size. I heard back nothing. I guess if you are over 6 ft tall, Victory isn’t concerned with how comfortable you are.

  3. It’s funny I’m 6 foot and have 3 vertabraes fused and I find my victory much more comfortable than my brothers soft tail, and so does he LOL he always wants to switch after 50 miles.

  4. It’s disappointing because Victorys have an excellent load capacity. At 6′ 5″ and 303 lbs that’s important to me. The demographics. And they have better power which guys my size need. But I rode my old Road Star on a 1000 mile trip and I was in agony. I’ve never had a bad back but it took a week to recover. The Road Star was similar in configuration to a soft tail, but had a 28″ seat height. I had already put about 8k miles on the bike riding around Dallas so I was used to the bike, but after only 300 miles into that trip. I was VERY sure I bought the wrong bike. I was looking at the cliffs in Arkansas and calculating insurance 😉 In fact I did trade that bike in for a BMW R1100RT which did not discriminate against the tall side of the average. nThenlater I bought a K1200LT. They got my money because they built a bike I could ride

  5. I am six foot and have been riding my 04 Vegas since it was new and don’t have a problem with the seat height. It seems to me that it is a combination of seat, handlebar, and foot control distances that will determine comfort. Go for a test ride. Read test ride reviews in mags .

  6. I have a 2014 Cross Roads Classic. I’m 6’2″ and 230. My rear don’t know if the bike is 28″ or 68″ of the ground because my feet are on the floorboards. All’s I can say is that the darn thing is comfortable! It’s got enough room to spread out and get really comfortable on the ride. The only time it could make a difference is when your feet are on Mother Earth! I don’t mind the lower height then at all. I wouldn’t consider another at this point.


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