Allstate Aims to Improve Motorcycle Safety with Interactive Rider Risk Map

Allstate says that three motorcyclists are killed at intersections every day in this country. Last year, Allstate Motorcycle asked its Facebook fans to help spread the message by identifying dangerous intersections for riders. More than 1,500 people answered the call, giving Allstate a wealth of useful information to help prevent motorcycle crashes.

Allstate used those responses to create the Rider Risk Map—a simple Facebook app that lets users flag risky areas anywhere on the map, letting other riders see exactly what spots to be cautious of or avoid. Available on the Allstate Motorcycle Facebook page, the map is open to all who want to help make the roads a safer place to ride.

If you know of or have encountered a dangerous intersection on a ride, visit the map, flag the spot and upload comments and a photo to help others know exactly what to look out for if they’re in the area. Riders can also flag blind curves, potholes and identify other hazards

The map launched this week with the 1,500+ hazards Allstate Motorcycle Facebook fans previously identified.

The Allstate Rider Risk Map is another way Allstate is protecting riders through its Rider Protection Project. Once is Never Enough (O.N.E) was the first initiative launched for motorcycle awareness in 2009 when Allstate was able to successfully help install more than one hundred temporary motorcycle caution signs at dangerous intersections for riders across the country. The next milestone for the project was in 2012, when Allstate worked hand-in-hand with local governments to install the country’s first permanent, standardized “Watch for Motorcycles” signs in 16 cities.

For more information or to view the Rider Risk Map, visit the Allstate Motorcycle Facebook Page at


  1. One thing I’ve learned in 45 years of riding is that ALL intersections are dangerous. The key is educating new riders to these basics. I constantly see new riders making the same mistakes out on the road… poor positioning, inattention to their surroundings, excessive speed in traffic …I’d like to see simulator training like airplane pilots and military tank crews get to safely show new riders how to take precautions… You can’t prevent all accidents because you can’ t fix stupid…


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