2012 Husqvarna Dual-Purpose TE Line Revealed

2012 Husqvarna TE250
2012 Husqvarna TE250

Dirt-aggressive and street-legal, the revamped TE dual-purpose bikes in the 2012 Husqvarna motorcycle lineup are ready to invade the U.S. All four TE models receive new reinforced all-black chromoly frames, silver rims and fresh styling (shared changes with the rest of the 2012 Husqvarna range). Key features also include suspension upgrades and the new TE250 “Low.” The 48mm open-cartridge Kayaba fork is stiffened up with revised damping for a comfortable and capable ride on road and trail. The TE250 and TE310 are both also upgraded to the Kayaba shock.

2012 Husqvarna TE250
2012 Husqvarna TE250

New in distinguishing the 250 from its larger TE310 sibling is a lower seat height. The Kayaba fork and shock on the TE250 are both shortened, resulting in a more user-friendly seat height approximately 50mm lower than last year’s. The “inseam challenged” will also appreciate the slightly lower saddle height on the TE449 and TE511, both of which receive a 4mm shorter Kayaba shock. Designed specifically to complement the CTS (Coaxial Traction System), the upgraded rear suspension improves the handling characteristic and overall balance of the 449 and 511 chassis. On the front end, the fork valving is more aggressive for even better off-road performance.

2012 Husqvarna TE310
2012 Husqvarna TE310

The focus on the 2012 TE449 and TE511 was to make them more approachable all around, so along with a shorter seat height and refined suspension, the chassis is also updated with a streamlined wiring harness and a sleeker one-piece rear fender. The TE449 and 511 also run cooler than ever thanks to the addition of high-performance WP radiators.

2012 Husqvarna TE449
2012 Husqvarna TE449

The TE250 and TE310 share a number of upgrades including improved exhaust and new-generation frames. In striking red and black color schemes, the smaller bore TE models (250 and 310) are outfitted with more rigid frames, which complement the revised suspension, and pair stability with responsiveness for a confidence-inspiring ride. New exhaust systems deliver improved performance across the board, polishing up the power delivery on the 250 and 310 TE motorcycles.

Even with the long list of choice improvements for 2012, the TE line remains 50-state street legal. There is quite a wide spectrum between dirt and street that encompasses the bountiful category of “dual purpose” motorcycles, and Husqvarna’s TE models favor the “dirt” end of the scale. The TE dual sports are true off-roaders, urbanized just enough to allow riders to hop on the pavement every so often. Connect trailheads and ride straight from your garage. For more information visit www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com.

2012 Husqvarna Dual-Purpose TE Key Features
All TE250s will be sold as “Low” models in the U.S. with seat height nearly two inches shorter through lowered suspension (front and rear).
250/310 upgraded to Kayaba shock.
449/511 receive new compact one-piece tail section and streamlined electrical system.
All TEs feature new all-black chromoly frame, revised for increased rigidity, stiffer suspension settings on Kayaba fork, and silver Excel rims.
48mm Kayaba open-cartridge forks on all TEs receive stiffer settings.
TE250 seat height is 50mm shorter.
250/310 receive Kayaba shock.
449/511 Kayaba shock 4mm shorter for improved handling.
449/511 receive more compact one-piece tail section.
449/511 receive lighter, streamlined electrical system.
New reinforced all-black chromoly frame with increased rigidity.
New handlebar clamps offer two different positions.
Silver Excel rims.
Striking red and black color scheme with new IPD (In-mold Plastic Decoration) graphics.


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