McCuff Gas Fill Device Review

Story and photography by Reg Kittrelle

[The McCuff Gas Fill Device Review was originally published in the September 2010 issue of Rider magazine]

Gas station pumps with vapor-recovery-type nozzles do not properly fit motorcycle gas tanks. Yes, I know, that’s Mr. Obvious speaking, but we get so used to the click-click-click action…with the occasional spillage…that we often overlook the fact that something isn’t right.

McCuff Industries noticed the same thing, except they did something about it in the form of the bit of hard rubber pictured here. The McCuff Gas Fill Device is simply a vented interface between your motorcycle’s tank and the pump’s nozzle, and it works great. It does so by reducing the nozzle’s intrusion in the tank by about 2 inches, thus allowing your bike’s tank to fill completely before clicking off the nozzle. Remove the gas cap, place the McCuff in the opening, and pull the trigger. When the tank is full, the nozzle clicks off with no overflow or spillage. OK, one bit of caution; make sure that the McCuff, the nozzle and the tank are all flush with one another. Angle either and you’ll probably be wiping a bit of gas off the tank.

Along with the McCuff comes a carrying bag with a Velcro strap that is easily attached to an available frame member, luggage rack, etc. You could just throw the thing in your saddlebag, but then count on whatever else that’s in there taking on an eau de gasoline aroma.

McCuff Gas Fill Device
McCuff Gas Fill Device

McCuff makes two models of this device; one for “V-twins and cruisers,” the other for “sport and touring” models. Though we didn’t try it, they are also supposed to work on cars, boats, scooters and the like. Each lists for $24.99, but a sale price of $19.97 has been posted on the website as of this writing.

For more information: Contact McCuff at (888) 7-McCuff


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