CrampBuster Motorcycle Cruise Control Unit Review

[This CrampBuster motorcycle cruise control unit spotlight was originally published in American Rider magazine]

The original CrampBuster is the simplest cruise control out there. Wrapped around the twist grip, it allows you to maintain throttle with the palm of your hand as opposed to utilizing your grip, permitting the relaxation of otherwise tensed forearm and wrist muscles.

CrampBuster cruise control unit
CrampBuster motorcycle cruise control unit

Made of a durable polymer this device is installed in a few seconds with no tools, and comes in standard 1-1/8 inch and oversized 1-5/16 inch versions for cruisers with narrow and wide paddle styles to suite your needs. As an added benefit, with the heel of your hand doing all the work you can free up extra digits to comfortably cover the front brake.
The patented CrampBuster has been providing comfort to long distance riders for years. With a “no questions asked” guarantee the nominal cost of $11 is a must have investment.

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