HelmetSecure Motorcycle Helmet Security System Review

Review by Reg Kittrelle
[This HelmetSecure Motorcycle Helmet Security System Review was originally published in American Rider magazine]

Once it’s off your head a helmet is a fairly useless item that’s difficult to deal with. Take it in a restaurant and it takes up a seat. Hang it on your bike without locking it and the evildoers can snatch it. Typically, a helmet gets locked up with the motorcycle’s cable lock, which often means it’s close to the ground and subject to dirt, dust, and passing male dogs. The next option is one of the numerous helmet locks that are available. These are of two kinds: loose and attached. The loose ones are usually thin cables with key or combination locks. Thread the cable through your helmet’s chin bar or D-ring and a closed part of the bike, e.g., wheel, frame, etc., and you’re good to go. The problem with these is 1) remembering to pack it and 2) storing it on the bike. Attached locks are just that, attached to your bike. Generally, these are hooks that open with a key. I’ve tried several versions of both loose and attached helmet locks. None have been particularly appealing. The loose ones are too easy to leave home, and the attached ones are generally ugly appendages that, for example, bolt onto your license plate frame. These work OK, but are mostly without style.

HelmetSecure Motorcycle Helmet Locking system
HelmetSecure Motorcycle Helmet Locking system

Now comes HelmetSecure, an attached lock that is designed to mount on your handlebar. Its unique feature is a 16-inch coated, stainless-steel stranded cable with one end permanently attached. The other end is locked in place with a key. This cable is manufactured in such a way that a compact coil is its natural state. Insert the key, releasing one end of the coiled cable, run it through your helmet’s chin bar (or D-ring with an open-face helmet), plug the end of it into the mount’s hole, turn the key and your helmet is securely locked in place.

OK, what’s so hot about the HelmetSecure? First, the attached cable stores easily and neatly. Secondly, it’s actually stylish, relative to other locks on the market. Solidly made and nicely chromed it does not add ugly as do many others. The HelmetSecure attaches to your handlebar via hidden Allen screws. The kit contains two spacers to allow fitment to 1-inch (standard H-D bars) or 7/8-inch bars. The unit without spacers fits 1-1/4-inch bars. These spacers are keyed to the clamp so that once the unit is tight, it won’t rotate around the handlebar.

The instructions reference handlebar mounting only, as I did above. However, the HelmetSecure weighs a hefty 14.7 ounces, almost a pound. Since, personally, I don’t like the idea of adding that weight to my handlebar, I mounted it on the right side (uphill), engine guard of my Road Glide. As this guard is made from 1-1/4-inch tubing, it mounted without the need for a spacer. By pointing it forward the mount acts as a helmet hanger once the cable is attached. For style’s sake I placed the keyed side inside. It’s slightly more awkward to use, but I like the smooth outside edge. The downside to this mounting is that it’s closer to the ground, though still about 20 inches off of it.

The HelmetSecure is a clever step forward in helmet-lock design. There are many parts that I try that, though good, do not remain on my bike. This one’s a keeper. The HelmetSecure retails for a suggested $59.99.

For more information contact HelmetSecure, 415-674-8900, www.helmetsecure.com.


  1. I have used many helmet locks over the years including the helmetsecure product that you mention. It’s quite tough & fairly secure but the problem is that the cable is not very long. I have also used the 4101 from Helmetlok which is not very good (you can only attach the carabiner to the helmet strap). And the Ninja which is a heavy duty cable lock & key – yes it’s very secure – cable is difficult to cut through. BUT the cable is short and it’s kindly heavy to carry around when not in use. My preferred helmet lock is made by BigPantha. This one is lightweight carabiner combination lock with a nice long cable (180 cm). Means that I can attach both my helmet as well as my wife’s helmet at the same time to my motorcycle! It’s made from aluminum and zinc it won’t rusted (unlike others that I’ve used).


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