Gears Sport Star Tank and Motorcycle Tailbag Review

Review by Troy Siahaan
[This Gears Sport Star Tank and Motorcycle Tailbag Review was originally published in the November 2007 issue of Rider magazine]

Stuff. We’ve all got it and we’ve all wondered how to get it to and fro. Then there’s the issue of taking your belongings with you once you get to your destination. These aren’t normally things we think about when planning a trip, but the added convenience of having a piece of luggage that does it all sure is nice to have. And what about those of us who don’t have saddlebags–what are we to do? Don’t worry, our neighbors to the north at Gears Canada have the perfect solution with its Sport Star Tank and motorcycle Tailbag.

The bag measures 13 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches and is made from durable UV-treated polyester. Features include a spacious main compartment with two extra side pockets and another in the rear. A nice little touch is that all the exterior pockets have large, rubber-padded pull tabs that make opening and closing a snap with gloved hands. It also includes many standard features you’ve come to expect from a tankbag, like pouches for phones and garage openers, a key holder and a clear map pocket with a provision to hold an MP3 player or other little electronic devices. A little opening allows earphones or power cords to come through as well.

Gears Sports Star Tail Bag can be used as a backpack.
Gears Sports Star Tail Bag can be used as a backpack.

In the professional world (and life itself, I suppose) multitasking is an admired quality. Gears must have had this in mind when designing the bag. The neatest feature about the Sport Star bag is its versatility. Zippered attachments at the bottom of the bag allow it to be used as either a tankbag or seatbag through the use of strong rare earth magnets or bungee cords. Seeing as I ride different bikes all the time at this gig, being able to use the same bag to haul my belongings on almost every bike gives me one less thing to worry about. My only gripe is that the bungee straps that allow it to be used as a seatbag are a tad long for bikes with narrow rear sections, making a secure fitment a bit of a challenge.

The Sport Star bag is better suited for the rider who travels light as its capacity fills up quickly. Since I try to escape on the weekends as much as possible, the bag works well for holding a change of clothes or two and other various essentials. If you’re not the pack-lightly type, then anything more than a day trip might be hard to fathom. Where the bag is extra useful is as a supplement to existing luggage you already have. Want to bring along an extra sweater? Now you’ve got room. Have some electronic gizmos you don’t want bouncing around? Put them here. Or if you’re like me and have size 12 sneakers that you forgot to pack until the last minute for your 400-mile ride, the Sport Star bag is just the right size to accommodate them. What’s also neat is that you can unzip it from the tank or seatbag attachments and use it as a backpack with the supplied shoulder straps. Pretty convenient, if you ask me.

Gears Sports Star Tail Bag.
Gears Sports Star Tail Bag.

I’m impressed with the Sport Star Tank and Tailbag.Its carrying capacity isn’t much different than other bags we’ve tested, but its versatility and usefulness put it that much higher in my book, and it’s priced well at $79.95.

For more information contact Gears Canada, 556 Edward Avenue, Unit 66, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9Y5, Canada; (905) 737-3081;


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