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Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse Now Available on Mobile Devices

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Introduced in 2014, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s online Basic eCourse has been taken by more than 60,000 students in 39 countries, from Australia to Uruguay, who sought a convenient, informative way to learn about safe, responsible motorcycling. The highly interactive three-hour Basic eCourse serves as an introduction to the basics of motorcycling theory and practice and may also help potential riders determine whether motorcycling is ...

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Track Day for Street Bikes


When I get on a motorcycle I want to ride far, preferably somewhere I haven’t been before. The idea of repeating the same 1.7 miles over and over never really appealed to me. A track day for non-sportbikes changed my mind. On August 19, 2014, Tony’s Track Days offered its first-ever track day for non-sportbikes at Thompson Motorsports Park in ...

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Learning to Ride the Alps With Edelweiss


Riding the Alps is the dream of many a rider, but the challenge of motorcycling Europe’s famous mountain range can sometimes prove to be overwhelming. Even those who consider themselves skilled can find the demanding roads, foreign street signs and frantic traffic difficult to negotiate, and end up working so hard to master the ride they don’t enjoy the vacation. ...

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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Learn-to-Ride Class


How did you learn to ride a motorcycle? If you’re an old-timer like me, you likely learned to ride when a friend who had a bike took you through the “Here’s the brake, here’s the clutch” routine. Then you tottered out onto the street and, with luck, didn’t run into a light pole. Of course, learning to ride a motorcycle ...

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Jimmy Lewis Off-Road School Review


As much as I love riding off-road, every time I leave the pavement my anxiety spikes. My chest gets tight, my heart begins to race. You see, I didn’t grow up riding mini-bikes or dirt bikes. In my neighborhood, we rode pedal-powered BMX bikes, day and night, jumping off every curb and makeshift ramp we could find. In high school, ...

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'Dirt First' Rider Training Services


LEARN ON DIRT FIRST. MotoVentures has a new name for its rider training services: Dirt First, which the company says perfectly describes the best way to learn how to ride motorcycles. The Dirt First approach utilizes lightweight Yamaha recreational dirt bikes that are appropriately sized and durable to teach almost anyone how to ride motorcycles correctly and safely. Dirt First ...

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RawHyde to Offer 30 Free Motorcycle Riding Clinics


RawHyde Adventures will be offering 30 free riding clinics at BMW dealerships around the country in 2012. The goal of these clinics is to provide new riders with a basic tool box of off-road riding skills to make them comfortable off road, but its also a great chance for veteran riders to get a quick refresher of their off road ...

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Yamaha Champions Riding School Offers $300 Discount on Jan. 16-17 Two-Day School at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Yamaha Champions Riding School

The Yamaha Champions Riding School, based at Miller Motorsports Park during the summer and Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the winter, can help any rider who wants to improve their bike control. YCRS coaches brand-new riders coming off dirt bikes, riders trading their cruisers for sport-tourers, racers looking to step up to the national level and track-day riders who wants ...

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Better Shifting for Sport-Touring Riders

One of the more revealing ways to find out how well a rider shifts gears and manages the clutch on a motorcycle is to ride as their passenger. With no handlebar in front with which to brace yourself, any lack of shifting smoothness or clutch dexterity on the rider’s part (not to mention skilled throttle application) will have you lurching ...

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Stayin’ Safe Advanced Rider Training

Last week Rider’s Riding Well columnist and motorcycle instructor Eric Trow was here doing his first training session in California. Instructor Pete Tamblyn came along, too, for the three-day event. Eric and Pete had flown into Los Angeles International Airport and picked up two BMW R 1200 GSs from EagleRider Motorcycle Rental. Six riders joined them and I popped in for the ...

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