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Gear Review: Schuberth E1 Modular Adventure Helmet

Schuberth E1 in Guardian Red.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of modular helmets: quick stops are much more convenient when you don’t have to remove your helmet to chat with the gas station attendant or grab a quick snack or drink of water. Modular designs have been popular on street helmets for years, but with the growing adventure bike trend, several helmet makers have ...

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Nolan N104 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

web-N104 CLASSIC N-COM open equipped B4

The convenience and utility of flip-up, modular-style helmets make them indispensible to many riders, especially those who need to communicate frequently and clearly with others without a chinbar in the way. You can also eat and drink without removing a flip-up, and some eyeglass wearers find they make life much easier, too. Today their safety has advanced to the point ...

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HJC IS-Max Motorcycle Helmet Review


[This HJC IS-Max Motorcycle Helmet Review was originally published in the October 2009 issue of Rider magazine] There are two major trends in full-face-style helmets today. One is the proliferation of flip-up modular versions, and the other is the popularity of the integrated, drop-down sunshield. If you like these features, you’re going to love the HJC IS-Max motorcycle helmet as ...

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Shoei Multitec Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review


Review by Troy Siahaan [This Shoei Multitec Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review was originally published in the February 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Not long ago I wouldn’t ride anywhere without wearing a full-face helmet, but at times would pass up a chance to eat or hydrate because I didn’t feel like taking the helmet off and strapping it back on ...

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