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Baja Enlightenment: Riding Mexico’s Lower California Peninsula

Highway 1 has no shoulders but is in mostly good shape throughout the Baja desert.

Our experience begins at the Tecate border crossing, a 45-minute ride east of San Diego. One by one we pull our motorcycles up to the border station, watch the light blink green—not red—then cautiously inch into Mexican territory. There’s a sense something is wrong. No official approaches to ask where we are going. No one stamps our passports. No one waves ...

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A Baja Encounter


Here’s what I took away from three weeks on the road, from Arkansas to the middle of Baja, California: You really have to want to see the whales. By the time I logged the 1,500-plus miles between my home and La Mesa, California, to rendezvous with my group in March 2014, I’d been battered by a headwind from hell and ...

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Return to Baja

Sea of Cortez_0895

Having completed a long tour, everyone asks me: “Where ‘ya going next?” After reading a newspaper story one Saturday morning about fish tacos in Baja, and an hour later meeting two riders that were returning from the peninsula, my answer to that constant question was now resolutely forged into: “Baja!” After a couple of emails, my pal from Canada arrived ...

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Great Sierra Madre Motorcycle Roads in the Real Central Mexico


[This Great Sierra Madre Motorcycle Roads in the Real Central Mexico Favorite Ride was originally published in the March 2011 issue of Rider magazine] By Dr. Jerry Smith; Photography by Lynn Gilbank and Steve Milligan Whether you’re escaping harsh winters in the north or hot summers in the south, central Mexico and its more moderate alpine temperatures is the perfect place ...

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Taking Baja by V-Strom


It was a tolerable day, Kurt and I agreed, as we sat in the shade of a palapa on the sand at Bahia Concepción (Conception Bay). Air temp was in the low 90s, water temp at 84 degrees, a couple of puffy cumulus clouds in the light blue sky. Not a soul was to be seen, although a couple of ...

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