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Canada Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle Tour with Ride Ottawa Canada


Eight of us were invited to Canada by the Ottawa Valley Tourism Association, Go Ride Ottawa and Trillium Motorcycle Tours to explore the promise of their spectacular province’s slogan, “Yours to Discover,” by traveling the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Provincial Park. So, after a long day of individual treks from our home bases, we arrived at the Ottawa (Canada) Airport, ...

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A Tale of Two Lakes: Riding the Circle Tour


I’m a careful planner, but the key to this journey was decided by the flip of a coin. Heads, clockwise, tails, counterclockwise. It was tails, so my journey would take me up the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, across the top of Lake Superior, and back home along Lake Michigan’s western shore. My fascination with the these two Great Lakes ...

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Alaska and Yukon Ayres Adventures Rider Motorcycle Tour 2011

Glen Highway Alaska

photography by Clement and Sue Salvadori Alaska and Yukon Ayres Adventures Rider Motorcycle Tour 2011 was originally published in the October 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Ah, the last frontier! Well, sort of. That’s an Alaskan slogan, which has been around a long time. However, for citizens of the lower 48, and Hawaii, a trip to Alaska is an eye-opener. ...

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The Canadian Maritimes

Small towns dot Canada's coastline

story and photography by Geoffrey Kula [The Canadian Maritimes was originally published in the July 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Most motorcyclists contemplating a cruise along Canada’s eastern coastline have their sights set on Nova Scotia’s fabled Cabot Trail. Rife with rugged grandeur, sweeping ocean vistas and plentiful wildlife sightings, it rightfully deserves its rank among Canada’s best rides. But ...

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A Glacier-Packed British Columbia Motorcycle Ride from California


[This British Columbia, Canada, Motorcycle Ride was originally published in the January 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Story and photography by Beverly Kennell We started our adventure on a bright and clear June day. The glaciers and majestic mountains of Canada beckoned my husband, Jim, and me to pack up our 100th Anniversary Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic. We headed ...

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Looping the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia


by Peter Starr photography by the author and Thom Tyre Forty years ago I lived in Vancouver and was a successful rock-and-roll radio DJ. Fresh from England with the appropriately thick accent, I was on a first-name basis with many of the top English rock icons. I pretty much had it made, or at least had it relatively easy. At ...

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Last-Chance Adventure on the Trans-Labrador Highway


story and photography by Jeff McQueen Are you interested in an exciting dual-sport trip to a remote destination that isn’t 10,000 miles away? Do you like gravel roads, lots of saddle time and challenging riding? A ride on the Trans-Labrador Highway (TLH) will take you as far north as you can go on two wheels in Eastern Canada, and will ...

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Canada to Argentina Motorcycle Tour


story and photography by John Wellburn Dear Rider magazine, On November 22, 2003, I left my hometown of Williams Lake, British Columbia, with no more than a desire to get away from the winter cold and see and do as much as possible along the way. For six months I rode through the United States, down the Baja Peninsula, over ...

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Road to Wisdom: A U.S. and Canadian Rockies Motorcycle Tour

The Beartooth Highway grabs you and doesn’t let go. After crossing a high plateau you descend along the edge of a mile-deep canyon toward Red Lodge. Charles Kuralt called the Beartooth the most scenic highway in America.

  Riding and Life Lessons on a Big Scenic Loop When Don Scott, my neighbor and riding buddy, mentioned he wanted to go on a long ride—nothing but blue highways, maybe across Canada, a loop through the Rockies—I reached for the road atlas. Tucked away on the western edge of Montana was a town called Wisdom. It seemed a noble ...

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