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Book: Down and Out in Patagonia, Kamchatka, and Timbuktu


WORLD OF ADVENTURE. Gregory W. Frazier has written an on-the-road autobiography called Down and Out in Patagonia, Kamchatka, and Timbuktu that captures his worldwide travels in words and images. More than 40 years ago, Frazier got on his motorcycle, went for a ride and never returned. He’s still out there, circumnavigating the earth: exploring the jungles of Asia, trout fishing ...

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Book: Historic Motorcycles 1885-1985, by Richard Renstrom


Accomplished motorcycle history author Richard Renstrom’s new book, Historic Motorcycles 1885-1985, features 102 bikes from 12 countries, with a page of descriptive text and a beautiful full-page, full-color photo of each important machine. The hardcover 208-page book has an embossed cover and is printed on 80-pound glossy paper for a quality feel. Beginning with an 1898 DeDion-Bouton and ending with ...

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Book: The Hill Ranch Racers


The Hill Ranch Racers is a new 300-page e-book by well-known motojournalist and riding skills trainer Nick Ienatsch. While the novel is primarily aimed at young readers, motorcycle riders of all ages can appreciate it. The twisting tale follows two families from very different backgrounds—one that uses motorcycles as tools on their Colorado ranch to move cattle and run errands, ...

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Ride Like a Pro DVDs and Book: Review


Since joining the Rider staff in 2008, I’ve attended riding schools on racetracks, on the street and off-road. Every school has taught me valuable lessons on how to ride more safely and proficiently. A few simple techniques that I learned early on, when I reviewed Jerry “Motorman” Palladino’s Ride Like A Pro V DVD (Rider, August 2008) and attended one ...

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Book: Jupiter's Travels in Camera

web-Jupiter’s Travels in Camera

Forty years ago, Ted Simon rode a motorcycle around the world at a time when such long-distance rides were still very rare. Now, his adventure has come alive through his new book Jupiter’s Travels in Camera: The Photographic Record of Ted Simon’s Celebrated Round-The-World Motorcycle Journey, which features more than 300 pictures from Simon’s four-year trip. The book ($49.95) is ...

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