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Louisiana Motorcycle Rides

Swamp People and Hot Sauce

Riding through the backcountry bayous and swamps of southern Louisiana. (Photos: the author)

I have lived in southern Louisiana my whole life, and for this sport-touring rider, the weather from late October through April is pretty hard to beat. Frontal systems are usually at least five days apart, and in between, the weather is predictably dry and very comfortable. Such was the case on this Saturday in mid-February. I chose a familiar 275-mile ...

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Louisiana Motorcycle Rides: Nothing Like Natchitoches


story and photography by David Bell [Louisiana Motorcycle Rides: Nothing Like Natchitoches was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the June 2009 issue of Rider magazine] Natchitoches, Louisiana—It’s not Natchez, as in the Natchez Trace; it’s not Nacogdoches, the town in east Texas. It’s pronounced “Nackatish.” It’s the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and a great destination for ...

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