New Gear: Maxima’s V-Twin Full Synthetic Oil

Maxima's V-Twin Full Synthetic Oil

Maxima’s V-Twin Full Synthetic Oil is formulated for V-Twin engines, transmissions, and primaries. Its ester-fortified formula and polymer system resist shearing, resulting in optimal oil viscosity and film thickness at all temperatures to keep V-Twins running smoothly and efficiently over the long haul. Maxima’s surface-active chemistry also allows the full synthetic oil to effectively coat internals for anti-wear protection and to maintain clean operation. The V-Twin oil exceeds API SN PLUS and JASO MA2 standards while remaining affordable at $13.99 per quart.

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  1. Only 13.99 a quart ? That’s affordable ? I recall the story regarding the fellow in Australia and his 300,000 mile Vstrom. All the readers first question was ” What kind of oil did you use?”. His answer:. I live in the Outback. Not much to choose from, and I’ve only used 10-40 car specific, non JASO, conventional oil. No motorcycle specific oils available out here. Engine and tranny had never been opened. Me thinks there is a lot of BS in bike oil marketing 🧐


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