2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR | First Look Review

Zero Releases New S, DS, and DSR Models for 2022
The new 2022 Zero DSR.

Zero Motorcycles says that “unprecedented demand for electric motorcycles” has motivated its early release of new 2022 models, which are available now. Zero added that getting these models into dealers early will help them put “more riders on electric motorcycles than any other manufacturer.”

2022 Zero S

At the heart of the new 2022 Zero S naked street bike is a proprietary Z-Force 75-5 passively air-cooled, radial flux, interior permanent magnet, brushless motor, with energy supplied by a 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. The same setup can be found in the 2021 Zero FXE. Zero claims the new S can manage 89 miles of range through city streets and produces 78 lb-ft of torque and 46 horsepower with a top speed of 98 mph. It’s available in Twilight for $11,195. 

Zero Releases New S, DS, and DSR Models for 2022
The 2022 Zero S, finished in Twilight color scheme.

2022 Zero DS

The trail-ready 2022 Zero DS (as in Dual-Sport) shares the same base configuration as the S including motor and battery, and Zero says the DS has an off-road range of 82 miles on a fully charged battery. The DS is available in Quicksand for $11,195.  

Zero Releases New S, DS, and DSR Models for 2022
The 2022 Zero DS in the Quicksand color scheme.

2022 Zero DSR

The 2022 Zero DSR is a high-performance variant of the DS. Although it shares the same Z-Force 75-7 brushless motor, a more powerful 14.4 kWh power pack provides a claimed range of 163 miles of range and a top speed of 102 mph, while producing 116 lb-ft of torque and 70 horses. The DSR is finished in black and has an MSRP of $15,695. 

Zero Releases New S, DS, and DSR Models for 2022
The 2022 Zero DSR is equipped with a bigger and more powerful battery offering greater range and performance.

The 2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR are all powered controlled by the company’s proprietary Cypher II Operating System, which manages the motor, battery, Bosch ABS (standard on all three models), and the Bluetooth connectivity module, to pair the machine to the mobile app for rider customizations. All three models also benefit from an updated full-color, optically bonded, 5-inch TFT display.  

For more information, visit zeromotorcycles.com

Zero Releases New S, DS, and DSR Models for 2022



  1. A friend and I did a nice, 200-mile breakfast run today. Freeway, curves, hills, city streets. No range anxiety, no stress. Still had 40-50 miles of range in the tank (each) when we got back to our homes. It was no big deal when we decided to turn a 140-mile ride into a 200-mile ride.

    No, we weren’t on Zero’s, or any other eBike. Much of the attraction in motorcycling is freedom, and eBikes keep their riders on a very short, but expensive, leash.

  2. In response to Fred, this ain’t the bike for you amigo. Maybe it’s too expensive. Maybe it accelerates too fast. Maybe you dislike that it’s eco-friendly. Maybe you wish it made cool ICE noises.

    These aren’t ICE touring bikes. These are part of the next generation of bikes for the next generation of riders. We may not see things the same way, us eRiders, but you don’t see guys who ride electric trashing the disadvantages of ICE bikes on other websites, right? Haha.

    Have a good weekend, bud. Enjoy your gas guzzling noise machine.

  3. Aldo, I know what Fred means, i´ve been a touring guy all my life but i just can´t wait to have an electric Motorcycle to ride in the city limits. I think it´s the way to go, it will kill the 125cc market but it is what it is, we need to care for the environment and make a change, and when electric cars become more affordable i’ll change to one too.

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