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Mosko Moto Reckless 80L V2.0 Luggage attached to a BMW F 800 GS
Mosko Moto Reckless 80L V2.0 Luggage attached to a BMW F 800 GS.

Mosko Moto has some new ideas about soft luggage for motorcyclists. A good example is its modular evolution of the horseshoe-style pannier system — the Reckless 80L V2.0 tested here. Constructed of tough 1680D nylon over a polyethylene core, the R80’s three-part harness carries a holster on each side and a beavertail of two overlapping flaps on top. Aluminum stiffening bars are fitted to stabilize the harness during hard riding. Some assembly is required, assisted by helpful printed and video instructions. The holsters attach to the center chassis with supplied screws, washers and T-nuts that fasten through pre-drilled holes. When my fingers cried “uncle” trying to set the T-nut prongs into the thick harness I reached for a hammer and half-inch socket to drive them home.

The Reckless is a strappy system, starting with five to attach it to the bike — a pair at the lower front pulling it down and forward and three at the rear. Eleven more straps cinch down the beavertail and pouches. Not to worry though, the straps ensure a compact, solid load that stayed put over miles of heavy hits on rocks and ruts during testing. Most fasten with familiar side-release buckles and have keepers to prevent flailing. Mounted to my BMW F 800 GS, the 80-liter Reckless leaves plenty of room on the seat for me, and some on the rack for more gear. At just over 11 pounds, the pack is much lighter than rack-dependent solutions, though heavier than some other rackless options.

Mosko Moto Reckless 80L V2.0 Luggage attached to a BMW F 800 GS
Mosko Moto Reckless 80L V2.0 Luggage attached to a BMW F 800 GS.

Each Hypalon-armored holster carries a 25-liter, 800D polyurethane-coated dry bag and mates to a roll-top accessory pocket below; both are slanted to facilitate storing heavy items low and forward. The dry bags feature clear windows and blue interiors to aid in eyeballing the contents, and bottom grab handles for pulling them into the holsters. Lighter gear rides under the beavertail in Mosko’s 22-liter Stinger dry bag, which doubles as a backpack. Packing up the Reckless took some thought and experimentation. I settled on water, sleeping bag and tent in one dry bag, kitchen and food in another, and clothes and sundries in the Stinger. My chair, tools, tire kit and snacks went in the pockets. The R80 package also includes an aluminum heat shield, a rugged tent pole bag and a featherweight 20-liter dry sack for wet items. Under the beavertail are two mesh organizer pockets and a detachable map case.


Mosko’s modular design keeps everything handy, both on the road and in camp. The dry bags can sit in the rain until you unpack them in your tent vestibule; empty, they cover your boots overnight. For motel stops, the harness stays on the bike and the bags come inside. I didn’t find a detail that wasn’t addressed in the design and construction of this robust, waterproof luggage system that sticks to my GS like it was bolted on. The R80 is rugged kit that’s built to go the distance. It sells for $625.

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