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Nelson-Rigg Journey Tank Bag magnetic tank bag
Small but mighty: the Journey features long magnetic flaps that grip a wide variety of tank sizes and shapes, even fitting over the central console on many cruisers.

As long as a bike has adequate luggage, I tend to use tank bags only for items I need quick access to – wallet, phone, sunglasses, water, perhaps a warmer/cooler pair of gloves – and for such a job, the 5-liter Nelson-Rigg Journey Highway Cruiser Magnetic Tank Bag (let’s just call it the Journey) is perfect.

Despite being marketed as a “cruiser” bag, complete with faux leather panels and a Harley-esque orange interior, the Journey is small enough to be at home on any bike with a metal tank, including our Royal Enfield Continental GT tester and my own ’85 Honda Nighthawk.

That bright orange interior is useful for finding items inside, especially when it’s dark, and there are inner storage nets at the front, on the bottom and on the underside of the lid that are great for keys, credit cards or cash. The clear map pocket on top is touchscreen-friendly and the zippers open and close smoothly and easily with gloves on.

bright orange interior tank bag
The bright orange interior is helpful for finding items inside.

Four strong magnets provide a secure grip and the flaps are designed in a way that helps the Journey mold to a variety of tank shapes and sizes. The underside is a non-slip, rubber-like material and I noticed no scuffing or marking on our Indian Scout’s red tank after a long, dusty weekend ride.

A wedge expansion zipper adds about two inches to the bag’s height at the front for an additional two liters of space, and a rain cover is included. There are no straps, but the Journey does have a large handle at the front and a smaller loop at the back that make it easy to carry around off the bike.

I like that the lid hinges at the rear of the bag, so my stuff doesn’t come tumbling out on a sloped tank. It also makes it easy to run my phone’s charging cable out to the USB port; on most bikes it’s located somewhere on or near the instrument panel. Overall the Journey, which retails for $79.95, is a well-built, thoughtfully designed tank bag that will look good and function well on a variety of motorcycles.

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