Ride For A Cause On Ride Sunday, June 3, 2018

Motorcyclists around the world are invited to unite and ride for the charity of their choice during the Ride Sunday initiative. This year, Ride Sunday takes place on June 3, 2018.

The founders of Ride Sunday believe that because motorcyclists put our lives at risk daily just to get out in distraction-laden traffic and ride, we are some of the most charitable and helpful people out there because we understand the value of life. Ride Sunday is their attempt to unite all of us to ride for a cause on one day.

Ride Sunday is open to all motorcyclists and scooter riders, whether you intend on riding solo, in a small group of friends or as a part of a larger group. Dealerships, bike builders, bike manufacturers along with ride groups can all create their own Ride Sunday.

Simply register, map your ride or join a ride and start raising funds as well as awareness for your charity of choice.

All charities are also welcome to become a part of Ride Sunday, and charities are encouraged to get in contact with the Ride Sunday team if they are interested.

For more information on how to join an existing ride, create your own, donate or more, visit ridesunday.com.


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