Video Review | 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder

2018 Yamaha Star Eluder bagger in Impact Blue
2018 Yamaha Star Eluder bagger in Impact Blue (Photo by Drew Ruiz)

Based on the Star Venture platform, Yamaha’s Star Eluder is a bagger that foregoes the trunk and passenger backrest as well as several other touring amenities. The result is a lighter, sleeker, more affordable touring motorcycle powered by the same air-cooled 113ci V-twin (which sends 111 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheel), has the same modern, muscular styling and is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Click the viewer below to watch our video review.

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  1. All hail the return of the mighty Venture. My original 1983 model still reigns as the favorite steed to ever grace my stable. Regarding the “original” comment, I offer one correction to the review. The V4 of previous iterations were not derived from the might Vmax, rather the Vmax engine was derived from the original 1200cc V4 of the 1983 Venture. Just say’n.

  2. When I started riding in 1974, you could tour the world on a well-equipped bike that weighed less than 600 lbs. Actually, you can still buy a BMW R1200RT that weighs just a bit more than that. The ever-climbing weight of touring bikes and cruisers is getting ridiculous. A 2018 Venture two-up with full trunk and bags is less than 100 lbs shy of three-quarters of a ton.

    • My well-equipped 1984 R100RS BMW weighs 500 pounds and is still adequate to haul me all over the country, even with camping gear and my wife (admittedly, we’re both small). As I’ve aged, touring bikes have literally become too large for me to seriously consider as a replacement for my old Beemer.

    • I agree! I feel like a flea on a water buffaloes back on these. The exception is the low slung Harleys with minimal accessories.

  3. The numbers you have are confusing. The 2008 Venture had a Dyno of 120 F/LBS torque and 72.6v HP at 4750 rpm in reviews. That was for a water cooled 79 CI engine. Now it’s 113 CI and gets about the same. I find it hard to believe there was a clamoring for the V-Twin given the old venture looked like a V-Twin. I have have both previous versions of the venture still own the 2008 it runs smooth as glass. I am concerned since I have had to pull over when a friends bike (air cooled and more expensive) started to balk in stop and go traffic on an interstate. I love Yamaha but am not convinced and will wait to see if the air cooled behemoth is as good as you say. The 27 inch seat height is a big plus.

  4. According to market research big air cooled Vtwins are what customers want. Correction: According to market research of Harley riders big air cooled Vtwins are what they want. This does not seem to have been ever about metric riders nor fans of previous Ventures but rather competing in the Harley market. And while I would certainly consider an Eluder over a Street Glide or a Road Glide, I consider this a rebuff of metric fans and riders.


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