Aerostich Triple Digit Raincovers | Review

Aerostich Triple Digit Raincovers
Aerostich Triple Digit Raincovers.

Motorcycling gloves have evolved from basic hand protection used for stringing barbwire or galloping a Palomino to highly technical products crafted of multiple layers of leather, fabric and membrane engineered to perfectly protect a motorcyclist’s hands. More often than not, however, they just aren’t waterproof, even those that claim to be.

Aerostich offers a solution that allows dry weather gloves to live on. Its Triple Digit Raincovers (TDR) are styled similar to a snowmobiler’s mitten—Aerostich calls it a “lobster claw configuration”—and are designed to quickly slip on over fabric or leather gloves. They are made of 1 oz. nylon ripstop fabric, lightly lined, with seams sealed for further waterproofing, and secure with a hook-and-loop wrist strap.

Aerostich Triple Digit Raincovers
The Triple Digit Raincovers include a reflective strip for added visibility.

TDRs are available in sizes M-L-XL, and with short or long gauntlet (inside or outside jacket sleeve) styling. I chose short and the XL size slipped on easily over my fabric gloves, and with a little wiggling, over a set of padded leather gloves with raised knuckle protectors. A five-fingered glove fitting into a three-fingered mitten might seem like a problem, but everything worked just fine for comfort, grip and control. I found plenty of friction in gripping various types of motorcycle handgrips, but Aerostich does not recommend their use with hard rubber or smooth surface (chrome) grips.

Aerostich calls these Raincovers and they do shed water like the proverbial duck’s back. But they also help to keep the hands warm, similar to slipping a set of rain pants on over your riding pants. When not in use they fold compactly enough to store in a riding jacket pocket, ready for the first drops of rain.

Aerostich Triple Digit Raincovers
Closure is simple, via a hook-and-loop strap.

In addition to two length options, Triple Digit Raincovers are available in Black or Orange direct from Aerostich priced at $47. Now you can wear your favorite gloves and still keep those digits dry!

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