Triumph Motorcycles and Bajaj Auto India Form Partnership

Triumph Motorcycles and Bajaj Auto India logosTriumph Motorcycles issued a press release today announcing a global partnership with Baja Auto India. Signed by Triumph CEO Nick Bloor, the statement reads:

“The objective of this non-equity partnership is to deliver a range of outstanding mid–capacity motorcycles benefiting from the collective strengths of both companies.

“We hope to bring to bear upon global markets the individual strengths of the partners including brand position & perception, design & development technology, quality & cost competitiveness & worldwide distribution.

“This new global partnership will enable Triumph to significantly expand its global reach by entering new higher volume market segments, especially within the emerging markets across the world.

“Bajaj will gain access to the iconic Triumph brand, and its great motorcycles, enabling it to offer a wider range of motorcycles within its domestic market and other international markets.

“Triumph and Bajaj are excited by the opportunities of this partnership and the prospect of entering new market segments, thereby reaching a whole new group of motorcyclists across the world.

“This new partnership builds upon our global operations, adding further capabilities to enable us to enter significant new markets and segments not possible today, in a premium manner, thereby supporting our strategic goal of becoming the premium lifestyle motorcycle brand.”

Specifics of what this partnership will entail remain to be seen, but with Bajaj owning a significant stake in Austrian manufacturer KTM and building the 390 Duke—KTM’s first truly global model—in its factory in India, perhaps a similar arrangement will be made to build small-displacement Triumphs in India that will be sold there as well as around the world.


  1. A new Cub? Just joking (I think). Actually, in essence, such may be the case. Potentially, it could greatly increase Triumphs revenue. That could only be a good thing. Also, someday, it could mean a line of smaller displacement Triumphs for America. That would be cool. A new 500cc Twin Tiger (again). Tells you how old I am.

  2. I’ve only seem them overseas in places like Mexico or India, but the Bajaj bikes do have a decent rep for an Indian-built bike. They sell a lot of their 150cc-200cc Pulsars in developing markets, so maybe they’ll come up with something interesting. I doubt we’ll see them selling anything here in the land of “only bigger is better”, though.

  3. This can give Triumph the ability to bring a true Euro A2 permitted bike to Europe at a cost that can compete with the hordes of Japanese bikes in that segment. And just maybe, we’ll get lucky and see ’em over on this side of the Pond as well.


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