SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger, Trace and Global Half Off for the Holidays

spot16_600x800_holiday_headerThis holiday season, SPOT life-saving technology is half off at participating retailers (instant savings, offer valid 11/10 – 12/31, 2016). Since 2007, SPOT has initiated over 4,600 rescues worldwide, with a record-setting 115 rescues in July and 119 rescues in August this year alone. Giving the gift of peace of mind for both outdoor enthusiasts and their loved ones back home has never been easier.

SPOT Gen3’s convenient features like check-ins, tracking, custom messages and S.O.S. to reach emergency responders are all available at the push of a button.

Deb Fuller knows first-hand the importance of having off the grid communication after she activated the S.O.S. feature on her SPOT device while hiking the North American Pacific Crest Trail this summer. According to Fuller, “At a bare minimum, you need to have a personal locator device like SPOT because you never know what is going to happen. If you don’t think you need it, you have a high level of risk tolerance. I think everyone should travel with one for lower risks and safer travels.”

“I’ve used SPOT for a number of years when riding. Never did I think I’d be using the S.O.S. button…but if it weren’t for SPOT, rescuers would have never found me when I fell off a cliff in 2013. I don’t go anywhere without my SPOT Gen3.” – Glen DuPont, Motorcycle Rider and SPOT Rescuee

In addition to the life-saving technology provided by SPOT Gen3, the inconspicuous SPOT Trace offers asset tracking and theft recovery for your most valuable assets. SPOT Trace will send a text or email alert if movement is detected, allowing users to follow along on Google Maps™ anytime via phone or computer. Brand new boat owner Raul Gonzalez received an email notification from his SPOT Trace late one night and discovered his boat had been stolen. Gonzalez is grateful he invested in the $99 asset tracker and says, “Purchasing the SPOT Trace was a no-brainer. If it wasn’t for SPOT I would have never gotten the motor back and would have been out of at least $15K! I got really lucky.”

For a limited time this holiday season, SPOT will be 50% off at participating retailers. No mail-in rebate will be required. More information, including participating retailers, will be available closer to the promotion’s launch at

To view SPOT’s coverage maps, please visit

SPOT Gen3, the latest generation of the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, offers enhanced functionality with more tracking features, improved battery performance and more power options including rechargeable and USB direct line power. SPOT Gen3 features include: custom tracking (2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minute tracking intervals available), motion-activated tracking, continuous tracking and extended battery life. Paired with the SPOT App, users can easily view their SPOT messages and show their track points via smartphone or tablet.

SPOT Trace, the newest addition to the SPOT family, helps customers keep tabs on their high-value assets like boats, ATVs, off-road bikes and RVs. Users can receive theft-alert SMS texts or emails when movement is detected. Customized tracking intervals and notification features such as power off and daily status messages are included with Basic Service. SPOT Trace’s battery life of up to 18 months and available line power option lets users confidently monitor assets on and off the grid, in near real-time via the SPOT App.

SPOT Global Phone, a portable, easy-to-use and data-enabled satellite phone, provides industry-leading, two-way crystal clear voice quality where cell service won’t work. With data speeds of 9.6 Kbps, SPOT Global Phone provides up to four times the data speed of other mobile satellite data providers, enabling emails, file transfers, and basic services to occur at higher speeds.



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