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1992 Honda ST1100 ABS/TCS

1997 Honda Valkyrie Tourer: “This year the recipient of the most anticipated of our annual choices was a no-brainer. For the 1997 model year an eight-foot-long machine rode onto the scene powered by six growling cylinders, wearing a horned Viking helmet, blowing a trumpet and swinging a large broadsword. Named after the mythological Valkyrie, or choosers of the slain, let’s just say there was no way we could turn our backs on this outrageous beast. // When American Honda first revealed the Valkyrie prototype to a stunned public in 1994, we thought it was just the company’s effort to prove that it had a sense of humor. Well, nobody’s laughing now, except the riders who are enjoying the Valkyrie’s immense power and surprisingly nimble handling. To us, the addition of a standard windscreen and hard saddlebags on the Valkyrie Tourer is the coup de grâce. Move aside, and let the Valky through.” (Rider, June 1997; photo courtesy Honda)

1996 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Classic

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