Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield, Headlight Guard & Bag Liners Review

Cee Bailey's Sport Shield in lowest position.
Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield in lowest position.

Luxury sport tourers come with power adjustable windshields that let you customize airflow according to speed, weather and personal preference. The stock windshield on my 2014 BMW R 1200 RT can be adjusted to create an almost still pocket of air, but when summer weather arrives that still pocket of air gets pretty hot.

The RT’s shield can be raised much higher than I’d ever want it to go, but it can only be lowered so far, which for me is not low enough. I wanted a smaller windshield to let more air reach me to help keep me cool, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the smooth airflow I’ve come to appreciate riding the RT.

Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield for the 2014 and later RT delivers those qualities. At 22 inches high by 15 inches wide, it’s significantly smaller than the stock shield’s 24 x 21. Notably, the ears at the top outside of the stock shield are gone and the top center is crowned instead of dished. The resulting shape nicely complements the bike’s lines and the smaller size also helps balance out the RT’s somewhat nose-heavy look. The optics are very clear with no blurring where the windshield curves.

The Sport Shield is made from impact resistant 0.236-inch aircraft-grade acrylic. Cee Bailey’s has been making aircraft transparencies (windshields and windows) since 1955 and its motorcycle windshields are made using the same materials and methods. The company’s engineering background in drag reduction no doubt contributes to the excellent airflow characteristics the Sport Shield provides.

Cee Bailey's Sport Shield in middle position.
Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield in middle position.
Cee Bailey's Sport Shield in top position.
Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield in top position.

The increased airflow was immediately noticeable. I can raise the Sport Shield to take the edge off a cool morning, and when it’s hot lower it to allow much more air—smooth air—to reach my helmet, neck, shoulders and arms. Not surprisingly the Sport Shield doesn’t provide as much rain protection as the stock shield, but with waterproof gear it doesn’t matter much. Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield for the 2014 and later RT is $170 for clear and $190 for light gray tint (pictured) or dark gray tint.

Cee Bailey's headlight guard.
Cee Bailey’s headlight guard.

Cee Bailey’s also makes headlight guards from 0.150-inch impact acrylic to protect the RT’s large, expensive plastic headlight lens. Should a pebble or road debris shatter your RT’s lens, you must replace the entire headlight unit (that’ll be $947, please, plus labor.) At $79.95 the Headlight Guard is cheap insurance. It installs quickly with Dual Lock fasteners and pops off for cleaning.

Cee Bailey's bag liners.
Cee Bailey’s bag liners.

For packing your sport tourer, Cee Bailey’s rugged, built-to-order bag liners accurately fit the interior shape of saddlebags and top cases for specific motorcycle makes and models. Load your stuff in the liner and slide it into the case. Saddlebag liners have a main compartment and two small zip pockets (one internal, one external). The top case liner’s main compartment is bisected with a zippered mesh divider. All have a 2-into-1 handle and detachable shoulder strap and come in black or gray. They’re $99.95 for two saddlebag liners, $79.95 for the top case liner and $169.95 for all three. Tip: they also make great carry-ons bags…must be that Cee Bailey’s aircraft tradition.


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    I just bought a 2014 Honda CTX1300D. I’d like to purchase a set of headlight protectors. I live in Canada and hope you ship here. Thank you…..Jim


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