Short Spiral Antenna

This Short Spiral Antenna from Big Bike Parts® is a great replacement for those long stock OEM whips that do not work with covers, get in the way of low overhead garage doors and are just a nuisance.  This 7-1/2’’ tall antenna is easily installed as a direct replacement for Can-Am RT, Victory and Harley AM/FM antennas. Includes a new grommet for the Can-Am RT that will stay put and complete the installation.  Includes removable M6-1.0 threaded screw to mount on any model needed. BBP Part #41-180.


  1. Seriously, though, a bolt and double nut will also “shorten” an antenna… how did this replacement WORK… Especially on weak stations in the area.
    I’m continually amazed at people who’s first consideration is looks over performance, whether it be an antenna, a motorcycle, a computer or a phone.


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