Video: Quinn Redeker’s Police Motorcycle Rodeo Runs

During the Third Annual International Motorcycle Skills Competition, held in San Francisco, California, on August 1, 2015, Corporal Quinn Redeker of the Ventura Police Department completed two timed runs on the 2015 liquid-cooled BMW R 1200 RT-P. He allowed Rider magazine to mount a GoPro video camera on his bike (first run) and on his helmet (second run) during the competition. Watch both videos below.

To find out how he did in the competition, read our profile of Quinn Redeker by clicking HERE.

For his first run, we strapped the GoPro camera on the back of his motorcycle:

For his second run, we mounted the GoPro camera on his helmet:


  1. Great job, he’s quite a talented rider. That can only be done through many hours of practice combined with talent and hand, eye coordination!

  2. Great job brother! I road against him many times as “Motor Yoda” was given to me as a motor officer and instructor for 18 years and won countless motor competitions both in CA and NV. He was always a great competitor when he came on. Congrats to him.

  3. Cop for 35 years in Calif. Retired in 2010 and have been riding for 10 years. Kick myself, never did ‘motors”. Just wanna say………….UH, W-O-W!!!! I’M NOT WORTHY!!!!!! Be safe to the thin blue line!!

  4. Police Officer for 25 years (retired). Began riding at 16. Back in the 80’s my department was supposed to get a Kawasaki KZ-1000 (think TV “Chips”) as part of a federal traffic safety grant but it was the first thing cut from the grant. Rats! I did get two weeks at the Traffic Institute of Northwestern University though. This guy can handle a bike, that is for sure. I’m not sure I could remember the course. I think it’s interesting however, that he is required to run it wearing his duty belt and side arm and yet he can ditch his handcuffs (note the two empty handcuff cases). Maybe it is felt that they can cause injury in a fall on one’s back. Speaking of TV Chips, I noticed the “John Baker” type tan roping gloves. Nice to see that some police administrators can allow a little officer discretion. Be careful out there Brother, and hold the thin blue line.


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