Versatile Duffels From Wolfman Luggage

Wolfman Renegade Waterproof 30L Duffel
Wolfman Renegade Waterproof 30L Duffel

The versatile Overland Duffel by Wolfman Luggage has a flat oval shape, carry handles at each end and comes with a removable shoulder strap and backpack straps. The Overland Duffel ($159.99) is made of heavy duty 1680-denier Wolfman Ballistic Vinyl and measures 15 x 20 x 9 inches for 45 liters of cargo space. Wolfman’s Double Ended Renegade Duffel is waterproof and made of 22-ounce vinyl with radio frequency welded construction throughout. The closures at each end roll and fasten to themselves, creating compression and a carrying handle. The Renegade Duffel ($129.99, shown in yellow) is 24 inches long and 9.75 inches in diameter and holds 30 liters.

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