Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Motorcycle Seat Review

One multi-day trip on my new bike confirmed that the stock seat wouldn’t do. The foam was too soft, the flat shape created pressure points and I kept sliding into the tank. I wanted to correct these shortcomings and retain heated seat integration—Sargent’s new World Sport Performance Plus seat ticked all the boxes.

“Plus” is a special edition of Sargent’s popular World Sport Performance series offered for select adventure and sport-touring bikes that features a new look, sturdier construction and marine-grade Carbon Effects or DTX upholstery. For adventure bikes, Sargent equips Plus seats with standard Gripzone side panels to give your legs extra gripping power during braking or cornering maneuvers. I opted for all-DTX inserts without Gripzones on my 2014 BMW R 1200 RT to eliminate a seam beneath my thighs, which might create a sore spot on long rides.


Compared to most OEM seats, World Sport Performance Plus seats are wider (20 percent wider on the RT). They feature patent-pending Zone Suspension Technology that automatically contours to the body, absorbs high pressure points and provides a center relief channel to take pressure off your crotch and tailbone. Sargent’s gel-free Super Cell Atomic Foam is noticeably firmer than stock, the curved contour complements a human backside and the OEM seat’s forward slope is history. If you want your upholstery or welt to complement you bike’s color, Sargent offers a wide range of custom options. The quality of manufacturing is high with smooth double stitching and excellent attention to detail.

Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Seat
Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Seat

For the new RT, Sargent offers Standard and Low front seats. Either can be set in the high or low position (rear seats are one height.) Sargent can make taller seats as a custom order. A heated version provides plug-and-play compatibility with BMW’s connectors and controllers. For bikes without factory heat, Sargent offers its own system with separate front and rear pulse modulating heat controllers. The heat/lock assembly on the RT’s rear seat swaps easily to the Sargent rear seat. Sargent incorporates its handy storage compartment into the front seat pan (the owner’s manual fits perfectly) and relocates the tools under the rear seat. Both seats come off and go back on as easily as the stock seats.

Sargent’s optional adjustable EM-5 rider’s backrest for BMW models has five-axis adjustability and uses the same Super Cell Atomic Foam as the seats and can be upholstered to match. Loosen two hand wheels and you can make simple up, down, forward, backward and pivot adjustments to place it right where you want it. It mounts simply to the Sargent rear seat (not compatible with OEM seat).

I’ve been testing the seat for several weeks and a funny thing keeps happening. I set out planning to make mental notes about how the seat feels in various riding situations, and eventually it dawns on me that I’m comfortable and haven’t really been paying attention to it. That’s just what I want in a motorcycle seat.

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  1. Thought I’d hear back from you guys.
    Again just purchased seat couple months back.
    It sucks
    Unless there some magic break in point, as soon as get home back to Corbin

    • Hi Mr. Klunk,
      We’re sorry you didn’t care for the low version of the R120GS seat. While our R12GS seats is one of our best sellers, sometimes there may be a compromise in comfort when foam is reduced for improved reach. In any case, it features our patented Zone Suspension Technology, which should make the most of the lower profile foam. I’m sorry you didn’t take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee that we offer to protect our customers in the event they are dissatisfied. We’re generally pretty flexible with the return window in the winter months, too, so folks have a chance to ride it. Maybe someday we’ll have the opportunity to redeem ourselves, and hopefully the Corbin worked out better for you. Never Stop Riding.

      Sargent Cycle Products


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