Cortech Super 2.0 Tank Bag and Tail Bag Review

Cortech provided the on-bike storage for our long-term Honda CB1100 from its Super 2.0 line of luggage. The 18-liter tank bag with magnetic attachment sits atop the bike’s steel fuel cell, while a 24-liter tail bag rides pillion. Together, they provide enough hauling capacity for grocery stops or day trips. The bags share a host of design and construction details. Both are sewn from black 1680-denier polyester fabric with a plush red lining that will be kind to your fragile items. Slimline side pockets are narrow but usable, and both bags open with a single-pull zippered top flap with an office-like organizer panel inside. Pack straps hidden between the tank bag and its base simplify off-bike carriage, while the seat bag employs a shoulder strap. Both have padded carrying handles as well.

Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag
Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

The 2.0 tank bag has two rubber ports for electronic hook-ups or hydration tubing, and includes a sack for a 1-liter water pack. On top is an odd-shaped detachable map pocket just large enough for a single fold of a typical road map, and at the rear is a small pocket for glasses and such. Inside is a padded face shield sleeve. In spite of its paint-friendly, no-slip base, the loaded bag moved around some on bumpy roads, possibly because the magnet flaps don’t wrap down the sides of the CB’s wide, flat tank; or they’re just not large enough. With the 3-inch expansion panel at the bag’s base deployed, it holds as much as I’m comfortable carrying on a tank top. The 2.0 doesn’t interfere while riding, but did hit the CB’s horn button on tight left turns.

Cortech’s tail bag mounts with four straps and clips on an optional finish-protecting base, or you can strap it directly to the seat, as we did. It took some fiddling to get things right and deal with the excess strap length, though retainers are provided. Once on, it never budged. An elastic piece with four clips to hold the bike-mounted straps in place would be a nice accessory for occasions when you want to ride without the bag. The tail pack’s sides expand 2 inches each, adding another 6 liters of storage and accommodating longer articles within. Neither bag is waterproof, but zippered compartments at the front of each one hold a bungee-cinched rain cover that fits them in normal and expanded modes. And your map is always visible, thanks to a clear window on the tank bag cover. The 2.0 tail pack’s low-profile design looks good on the Honda and lets me swing a leg over the seat without catching my foot on luggage.

Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag
Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

The magnetic tank bag is $139, while the strap-on model, which uses a mounting harness, runs $119. The tail bag is $109. Both are basic black, with a textured weave fabric on the sides to dress things up. Cortech’s 2.0 bags are well made, the flaps and pockets open and close easily, and their expandability is handy when I stray from the shopping list at Trader Joe’s.

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