Bohn CoolAir Armored Pants Review

Americans, even those of generation Baby Boomer, seem to be changing their lifestyles for the better: No smoking, moderating alcohol intake, and…we even eat our broccoli. Motorcyclists also seem better at safely suiting up, too. More wear helmets, protective jackets and boots. The one lapse is from the waist down.

In any weekend gathering of casual motorcyclists, you are apt to find that the men and women wear a great variety of appropriate apparel above their waist, but down below there’s likely to be that great American invention: denim jeans. Jeans look fabulous on some, others not quite so. But in a crash they don’t offer much protection.

Rider Protection is a mantra for Paul English, proprietor of Action Stations, Inc., designer and marketer of the Bohn line of protective products made especially for motorcycle riders. Bohn’s Bodyguard System includes shirt and pant styles, which are worn under jeans, leathers or other everyday clothing and incorporate removable CE-approved body armor at vital points.

Lightweight and flexible, Bohn’s regular undergarments are manufactured from a high performance, breathable Lycra material. CoolAir items are made from a proprietary stretch mesh that has excellent breathability and durability. I’ve been evaluating Bohn’s CoolAir pants on cross-country trips and day rides, and in hot, cold and wet weather conditions. They’ve been worn under jeans, insulated but non-armored riding suits and riding pants. And on cruisers, standard motorcycles and large scooters.

CoolAir pants are designed to closely hug the body, so I was concerned that the fine fabric might tear when taking them on or off. Didn’t happen. The lower portion of the legging is zippered for snugness and ease of removal. The pants are very lightweight and you soon forget you are armored up! Better yet, the pants are not noticeable underneath your clothing.

The protective feature of the CoolAir pants is the removable and replaceable armor pads at the hip, thigh, knee/shinbone and tailbone areas. Fortunately, I didn’t crash test the pants but believe they would offer equal or better protection in a fall as riding jacket/pants armor.

The breathability of the CoolAir fabric worked well with no added heat or perspiration, even on days of riding in midsummer. Just hand wash and hang for a quick dry. I found an added feature of the CoolAir pants was that the tailbone and thigh armor pads served as a nice cushion on a long riding day.

Bohn’s CoolAir Armored Pants sell for $173, direct from the company’s website. A CoolAir Armored shirt goes for $163. Non-vented versions go for a little less, and insulated versions slightly more. Action Stations offers special pricing for pants and shirts bought together. Good news for women: there is a wide range of unisex sizes.

Now you can keep the James Dean or Brando look, with a lot more protection. Designed and manufactured in America, too!

For more information: Call (530) 898-9269 or visit

(This Gearlab review was published in the May 2015 issue of Rider magazine.)


  1. One of those things that you know can’t be as good as it sounds. Boy was I surprised! Some like the tail bone protector, some (me) not so much. Probably dependant on a number of factors. No problem, you just take it out. Can’t imagine any of the other pads in the pants or shirt being a problem. GREAT STUFF!! Feel naked when I’m not wearing the pants under my jeans.

  2. The folks at Bohn provide awesome products but I would much appreciate a video of someone putting their gear on. I wear a re-purposed mountain bike top and it’s a serious pia to get on and off. No doubt much less of a hassel than a full-body cast, but still, if getting suited-up is troublesome and time-consuming, some (not me!) may take a pass.

    And tell me again why serious motorcyclists care about this ?

    “Now you can keep the James Dean or Brando look…”

    All the best.

  3. It is very unfortunate that they use lycra. I am very glad for their design but I have had lycra exercise clothes and once sweated in they stink of an odd and horrific body odor with EVERY use after that. No matter what they might say, you cannot be around other people without utter embarrassment. It is bad beyond your imagination. It will not wash out and returns with every use while you are wearing it. Don’t buy it. Force the company to change materials. Then buy a bunch because it is a great product otherwise and it’s both good and smart to have thorough protection.


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