Harley-Davidson Surprises U.S. Military Veterans with 2015 Motorcycles

Six U.S. military veterans received a special delivery from Harley-Davidson today when they received new 2015 motorcycles. The surprise jumpstarts a new partnership between Harley-Davidson and Wounded Warrior Project to help improve the lives of service men and women living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Bill Davidson, great-grandson of company co-founder William A. Davidson, along with six Harley-Davidson employees who are veterans, rode the bikes—led by police motorcade—to Wounded Warrior Project headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. The team of riders gifted the motorcycles to the injured veterans during a press conference scheduled to announce the partnership.

The six veterans—all of whom have been diagnosed with symptoms of PTSD and are affiliated with Wounded Warrior Project—were hand-selected to receive the motorcycles because, although they are experienced riders, they no longer have access to bikes due to various hardships.

As part of the new partnership, Harley-Davidson will collaborate with Wounded Warrior Project to develop a program geared toward helping more veterans experience the positive benefits of the open road. Peer-to-peer activities, like motorcycle riding, have been known to provide positive therapeutic benefits for PTSD.

For more information, visit H-D.com/military.



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