No-Mar Tire Changers is Going International, Selling Direct from Australia

No-Mar Tire Changers, famous for developing unique tire tools and products with a primary focus on the motorcycle industry, is making things a lot easier for their Australian customers. Starting this month, No-Mar Tire Changers is warehousing and selling their products and accessories direct from a new location in Sydney, Australia. By stocking their celebrated equipment Down Under, No-Mar is paving the way for better service, better pricing and easier access for their international customers.

No-Mar Tire Changers began making a name for themselves by developing new designs and manufacturing tools that revolutionized the tire changing industry. For the last ten years, their distinctive brand has been sold all over the world to motorcycle enthusiasts who appreciate the intricate assembly and care that goes into fabricating each part and accessory. Their creativity and attention to detail has even earned them eight different patents in their field, including patents for their Mount Demount Bar, Cam Wheel Lock, Large Clamping Cones, SpoonBar and more. And now these products will be sold direct to consumers in Australia.

“Our customers asked for it, and we listened,” said No-Mar Enterprises President, Stephen Nemish Jr. “We have a lot of demand in Australia, but our shipping costs were just too high. So we did what we had to do to move our tire changing systems and accessories closer to our international customers and make it easier for them to make purchases at the value they deserve.”

Currently, a variety of No-Mar Tire Changers products and accessories are available for pre-order and direct purchase from their Australian warehouse. Two of their flagship products lead the international charge: The Classic Model Tire Changer (a commercial-grade product designed for all standard, sport and sport touring wheels) and the Cycle Hill Tire Changer (a product intended for home use that is designed to service dirt bikes, ATVs, standard and vintage wheels).

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