Olympia Moto Sports MotoQuest Guide Suit Review

For four years, I wore Olympia Moto Sport’s X Moto jacket and pants on countless adventure rides (Rider, August 2010 and on ridermag.wpengine.com). The extremely versatile, durable gear held up well over thousands of rough-n-tumble miles, close encounters with rocks, cacti and terra firma, and a wide range of climatic conditions. What endeared the X Moto to me was its practical design and highly effective venting system.

Olympia is now the official gear supplier for MotoQuest (motoquest.com), an Alaska-based motorcycle tour and rental company that specializes in exotic, gritty destinations. Their international tour guides are tough on gear, and their feedback inspired an update of the X Moto, now called the MotoQuest Guide jacket and pants.

The Mega Vent panel system, which consists of large flaps of outer fabric that can be unzipped and tucked into deep pockets to expose the mesh panels underneath, now features larger chest panels in addition to those found inside the arms, down both sides of the back and on the thighs. The multi-layer design has also been improved. In addition to the outer shell, which is made of 500D Cordura and 2000D ballistic panels and lined with athletic mesh and CE-approved armor, there is an insulated jacket liner and waterproof layers for the jacket and pants. Whereas the X Moto’s waterproof layers were designed for internal use only, the new ones can be used internally or externally, making it much easier to add or remove them on days when you are in and out of the rain.

Olympia Moto Sports MotoQuest Guide Suit: The outer-shell jacket and pants.
Olympia Moto Sports MotoQuest Guide Suit: The outer-shell jacket and pants.

The jacket’s updated styling includes redesigned outer chest pockets, an easier-to-use removable hydration backpack and a larger, 2-liter hydration bladder. There are tons of pockets all over the jacket, pants and liners, though you’ll want to keep critical stuff like your smartphone and wallet in plastic bags since most are not waterproof. The X Moto’s left forearm pocket, which was perfect for earplugs and keys, is now gone, and I miss it.

The suit has numerous, well-designed features to enhance comfort, fit, visibility, protection and ease of use, and high-quality zippers, snaps and hook-and-loop are used throughout.

What was already a great set of gear is now much improved, making it an even more versatile, comfortable, four-season suit for serious adventure touring. The jacket (S-4XL, $549.99) and pants (30-44, $349.99) are available in three colors.

For more information: See your dealer or visit olympiamotosports.com.

(This Gearlab review was published in the September 2014 issue of Rider magazine.)


  1. Nice! Olympia continues to be my favorite “all season” textile riding gear brand when commuting, adventuring riding, touring to compliment my canyon carving eather gear. Smartly designed and very versatile.

  2. I’ve used Olympia gear for years!
    So far above 90% of the other stuff out there.
    VERY well made, VERY well designed!
    Cheap no and that’s the point! Quality isn’t cheap.
    Quality last for years!


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