Storm 3D X-M Tire From Avon Tyres

LONGER LIFE. The Storm 3D X-M tire from Avon Tyres has been engineered for sport-touring motorcycles by combining long life with performance, ride comfort and excellent handling. The tire features interlocking three-dimensional points in the sipes to improve stability, warm-up time and grip while limiting tire flex. The Storm 3D X-M design includes both single and multi-compound super-rich silica for longer life and excellent performance and grip in both wet and dry conditions. Six 17- to 19-inch sizes for the front, and 10 sizes in 16- to 18-inch diameters for the rear, are available for most sport-touring bikes.

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(This New & Cool item was published in the July 2014 issue of Rider magazine.)

Storm 3D X-M tire from Avon Tyres
Storm 3D X-M tire from Avon Tyres



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