Special Non-Sportbike Track Day at Tony's Track Days in Connecticut

Do you know a rider or two who could stand to improve their cornering and braking skills? A track day is the best place to improve riding skill, but maybe your friends don’t ride motorcycles that are considered appropriate for the track. Tony’s Track Days remedied that by offering our first ever “Non Sportbike” track day on August 19, 2014, at the newly opened road course at Thompson Motor Speedway Road Course in Northeastern Connecticut.

This special track day is exclusively for the adventure, touring and cruiser rider. Tony’s Track Days understand the focus of these riders is generally not speed, but we understand the benefits that track riding has on improving overall riding ability—which transfers directly to being a better and safer rider on the street.

This event is targeted toward two groups:

  • All bikes with limited ground clearance (such as cruisers and tourers). We understand that no matter how well you ride, sometimes it’s the bike’s limitations that will control the speed.
  • Riders with sport tourers and adventure bikes that prefer a slower pace. Our normal track days are generally 70 percent sport bikes, and 30 percent “other.” This “other” category is generally made up of standards, adventure bikes, sport tourers, etc.  In other words, bikes that have good ground clearance while cornering—but are not full-on sport bikes.

If you are a pretty quick rider on one of these other bikes, you can come to any of our regular days and there will be a group that fits you. However, if you have one of these bikes and are a tentative rider —hen this special “Non Sportbike” day might be the perfect introduction to the track for you.

WHEN:  August 19, 2014
WHERE: Thompson Motor Speedway Road Course
HOW MUCH:  The price for the day is $250, which includes a buffet lunch and use of the garages!
MORE INFO: tonystrackdays.com



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