New Video Showcases the Bohn Bodyguard System

ActionStations/Bohn Armor has released a new “Explainer Video” showing in simple terms how the Bohn Bodyguard System works.

The main feature of the System is it’s lightweight and discreet profile—users usually wear the pants under blue jeans—so that the slim line performance armor is not noticeable and, most importantly, is in exactly the right place in case of a crash.

Although this is a proven and popular system, ActionStations says many riders do not appreciate the benefits of wearing protection close to the body, compared to armor in jackets etc. So ActionStations/Bohn Armor decided to release this video (shown below) to show how the system works.


“In only 90 seconds, the video simply describes the safety and comfort advantages of the Bohn Bodyguard System—and it’s fun to watch too,” said Paul English of ActionStations.

Bohn also has a new Spring Promo where buyers receive a free Bohn Under Helmet Skull Cap worth $12.99 with every order.

The video and more information can also be found on the Bohn Armor Pants website at


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