2014 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Moved to July 11-13

2013 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days
An image from the 2013 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.
(Photo by Yve Assad, courtesy of the AMA)

The American Motorcyclist Association and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course have changed the date of the 2014 edition of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, a celebration of vintage motorcycling.

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days 2014 will be held July 11-13, one week earlier than previously announced. The new dates prevent a conflict with another event held in Wauseon, Ohio.

“Providing a date for AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is never easy, given that it often can only be set after many other dominoes get lined up,” said Jeff Massey, AMA vice president of operations. “We never like to wind up in competition with other motorcycling events nearby, and some years it’s unavoidable. But in this case, we were able to work with other groups in an effort to find a new spot on the calendar for AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days that makes the most sense for the fans.”

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course’s popular AMA Pro Racing event is also moving to July 19-20, track officials have announced.

“It wasn’t easy getting all the dominoes to fall the right way, but in the end, this change will be received well by the fans of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days,” Massey said. “By changing these dates, we create the opportunity for a better fit in the mix of motorcycling attractions in the region next July.”

Said Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course’s President Craig Rust: “We’re happy to work with the AMA and AMA Pro Racing to come up with a reformatted schedule that we believe will benefit everyone, including the great fans who support these events.”

Tickets are now available to the public at midohio.com. A special ticket discount will soon be announced only for AMA members and will be available directly through the AMA offices.


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