2014 Hondas First Look Review

As if the more than two dozen all-new or updated models that Honda has introduced since 2012, including the new Gold Wing, F6B, CB1100, NC700X, CTX700s and CB500s, weren’t enough, Big Red’s pipeline is still churning out new bikes. In addition to the recently unveiled new-think CTX1300 cruiser-tourer, Honda has announced a new track-ready CBR1000RR SP, a blacked-out Gold Wing and more returning models.

2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP

2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP
2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP

Up-spec sportbikes are popular because they offer higher-quality components in one package that is less expensive than buying those items individually. The all-new CBR1000RR SP features fully adjustable Öhlins front and rear suspension, plus Brembo front brakes and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC high-performance tires. A lightweight subframe lowers the center of gravity and a new rear single-seat cowl shaves additional weight. The CBR’s 999cc in-line four puts out more power and torque thanks to a new cylinder head, intake tract and exhaust system, along with high-performance pistons and connecting rods. The SP’s riding position is now more track-oriented and a bubble windscreen creates a larger still-air pocket for the rider. Available in a special white/red/blue paint scheme in February 2014; pricing is TBD.

The 2014 Honda CBR1000RR receives the same engine changes, ergonomics revision (new handlebars and relocated footpegs) and bubble windscreen as the SP model. Available in February 2014; price TBD.

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2014 Honda Gold Wing

2014 Honda Gold Wing
2014 Honda Gold Wing

The mighty GL1800 got an extensive update for 2012. Powered by a smooth, torquey 1,832cc opposed six-cylinder engine and equipped with a level of comfort and luxury that very few motorcycles can match, the Gold Wing returns unchanged for 2014—the year that marks the Gold Wing’s 40th anniversary (Rider also celebrates its 40th next year). The GL1800 will be available in all-new colors, including Candy Red, Pearl Blue and Black with a blacked-out treatment. Available in January 2014 with an MSRP ranging from $23,990-$29,550.

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2014 Gold Wing F6B

2014 Honda Gold Wing F6B
2014 Honda Gold Wing F6B

Quite unexpectedly, Honda introduced the Gold Wing-based F6B (Flat Six Bagger) for 2013, introducing a new level of performance to the red-hot bagger class. It has a cut-down windscreen, a gunfighter-style seat, hard saddlebags and a premium audio system, but no trunk, ABS, navigation, cruise control or reverse. As before, the F6B is offered in standard ($19,999) or Deluxe trim ($21,099), the latter adding a centerstand, self-cancelling turn signals, passenger backrest and heated grips. Available in Black or new Pearl Yellow in January 2014.

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Other 2014 Hondas

Returning in January 2014 is the NC700X adventure tourer with optional Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS (price TBD), which gets new adjustable clutch and brake levers and more comprehensive instrumentation (gear indicator, fuel consumption, miles per gallon and miles to empty).

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Also returning in January is Honda’s all-new CB500 line, which includes the CB500X adventure tourer ($5,999), CB500F naked bike ($5,499) and CBR500R sportbike ($5,999). Add ABS to any of the CB500s for $500.

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Other sportbikes returning for 2014 include the CB1000R (January 2014, price TBD) and CBR600RR (March 2014, $11,490 or $12,490 for C-ABS model).

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For more information, visit powersports.honda.com.

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  1. no reverse wt why take it out for the younger crowd makes no sense they say to keep the price down make it an option same w the cruse control

  2. Hasn’t the nc700 become the nc750. It would be more interesting if you also listed the new Hondas that aren’t making it to the US: cbr650 and vfr800 – they wre 2014 Hondas.

  3. Well, I own a F6B and like it fine. But still do not understand the engineers willingness to cut the Cruise Controls off a great Power Cruiser like this bike is. Face it, like the Valkyrie, V-max, of yester years, this bike is soon to be placed with well know bikes that could have made it to the top if only they had listened to there customers. Every own always fixes there bikes to there needs, Windscreens, Pegs, Handle Bar adjustments, Wheels, Exhaust, etc.. But things like Cruise controls always need to be from the factory, it is one thing you count on for long rides. Now in smaller countries you may not have this issue, but here in the USA we like to go places far far away and fast too. I travel at least 350 miles just for fun locally, and for trips they can reach out to 1500-3000 miles for events. So can someone have a heart to heart talk with Honda engineers and create a retro kit from Honda to bolt on to our beloved F6B Goldwing and move on? I think we can all agree its the only thing we want brought back!!!!!!!! Please!!! What do you say guys?

    • Chris, you are right on about the lack of a cruise control on the F6B. My big decision to buy either the Indian Chieftain VS the F6B was the cruise option. I waited until the 2014 were available and still no cruise. I’ve always ridden Honda, so could not pull away from my water cooled engine, power, reliability and comfort. But I just finished a 300 mile all day ride in Tennessee and even with my mechanical throttle lock, I was wishing this bike had cruise control. What a shame, that a GOLDWING that has cruise already engineered for this bike, did not get engineering consideration for this model. I put $3000.00 upgrades on this bike at the Honda Dealer and would have added cruise had I had the choice. Shame on Honda for building a nice long range cruiser and forgetting about a key add on…..cruise control. I’ll not buy another bike without it, this I promise.

  4. However, the EICMA show cut North America out of one great bike, the much refined, 2014 VFR 800. Not all of us buy cruisers, tourers, and race replicas. The good news is that I still haven’t worn out my 2002 VFR.


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