Patagonia Beckons!

With help from Ride Adventures (, I’m about to put a big check mark on my bucket list next to “Touring Patagonia by Motorcycle.” When the LAN Airlines 767 lifts off shortly, it will carry me south to Santiago, Chile, from where I’ll hop another flight south to Osorno, the start of the ride. There’s a BMW R 1200 GS waiting for me there, and the whole of Patagonia to explore on a 9-day, 1,800-mile tour. From the literature that ride leader Eric Lange has sent out, it looks to be a fantastic trip. I’ve got new Macna riding gear to test on the way and maybe a few goodies on the bike as well. So stay tuned and come along for the ride!


  1. thanks for the write up. Planning Patagonia early next year.
    Would you have done this as a self guided tour? if not why?


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