New Great Roads Website Now Available

Rider magazine has recently launched a new Great Roads section on its website that focuses on local and international motorcycle rides, roads and travel experiences from the editors of Rider magazine and our contributors. The articles have been broken down by region to help you find stories about a particular area more easily. The regions can then be broken down further by state if desired.

The Great Roads home page also includes featured travel articles, as well as a list of recent comments left by our readers that may include additional guidance on travel in a particular state or region.

The new online Great Roads section ties into the print version of Rider magazine, which will feature a different state or country in a Great Roads article on a regular basis.

The Great Roads section of our website is easily accessed on the home page (, or by this directlink:


  1. great to see this addition to the site. only suggestion is to provide more detail on the route maps. for example total mileage. maybe also mark highlights out the route. possibly a list of written route directions too.



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