The 2012 Ural Limited Edition: The Ural Yamal

IMZ-Ural, the Siberian manufacturer of motorcycles with sidecars, has introduced the 2012 limited edition Ural Yamal—the only motorcycle equipped with an oar.

Yamal, which translates as “the end of the Earth,” is a peninsula in Russia known for being nothing short of inhospitable, barren and perpetually frozen. It is also the well-known icebreaker that spends its time conquering the frozen Arctic Ocean, just north of Siberia, and is a perfect namesake of this year’s limited edition from Ural. Russian icebreakers are heavy, rugged, and focused on their mission. Though their purpose may not always make sense, these vessels are unique in every way, and when speaking to the right people—absolutely necessary. Ural motorcycles are also durable, dependable and able to conquer what typical motorcycles cannot.

The limited edition Yamal is spec’d with its own double hull—of sorts—much like the boat: 3M coating is used to weather proof the lower portion of the sidecar body and the fenders for additional protection. The Ural Yamal is painted flat orange—to be easily spotted anywhere. Its sidecar is fitted with dual fog lights, and both rider and passenger comfort is enhanced with the addition of accessory fairing and windscreen. On demand two-wheel drive, knobby spare tire and hand guards round out the mission capability of the Yamal.

Ural throws in an oar with tongue-in-cheek emergency instruction to double as a defensive tool or your last hope of survival on thin ice… you never know. Add the unforgettable menacing teeth and you get yet another one-of-a-kind limited edition from Ural—a motorcycle that sure beats the norm.

Fifty 2012 Ural Yamal Limited Editions were built for the U.S. and are now available with an MSRP of $14,250.

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