Honda Announces New Scooters for 2013

Honda enters the 2013 model-year season with two fun scooters that contain significant upgrades: the thoroughly revised Metropolitan and a new PCX scooter with a larger-displacement engine that makes it capable for freeway use. Both models feature an easy-to-operate automatic transmission along with fuel-efficient engines—just the thing for countering rising fuel prices.

Available this summer, the 2013 Honda PCX150 features a 150cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that makes it freeway capable. The stylish and sporty scooter also serves as an enjoyable ride for errands, commuting or weekend fun, thanks to its nimble and friendly handling characteristics. With comfortable seating to accommodate the rider plus a passenger, and a large, handy, under-seat storage compartment that can fit a full-face helmet and more, the new 2013 PCX150 offers expanded capabilities while remaining remarkably economical.

Available in June, the 2013 Honda Metropolitan brings all-new styling and a new 50cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine. Styling highlights include a new headlight and meter setup, different handlebar and a stylish new taillight assembly. There’s a locking, 22-liter under-seat storage area large enough to stow a helmet, and also a new inner storage bin that can hold a 1-liter bottle, plus a larger convenience hook to secure a bag. With a MSRP of $1,999, the Metropolitan is within reach for just about anyone in search of affordable, cost-conscious transportation.


    • not around here. we have minimum speed laws that keep the little scoots off the freeway. in other words, it’s not engine size, just the ability to maintain the minimum speed.

  1. I was very disappointed that the PCX is only a 150 It should be a 300 or 400 cc
    for comfortable highway riding. There is no mid size scooters in the honda line up. come on guys get it togather I have been waiting for a honda mid size scooter!!!!!!!

    You guys make good products wake up and be financially wealthy!!!!!!


    Sgt S Bathurst YARS Ohio

  2. Perfect! I had a Yamaha Zuma 125 and it was just a tad underpowered for around town and local beltline driving. Add to that the uncomfortable seat and 1 gallon tank and it fell just short of my needs (I did like the 80+mpg). Now the Honda PCX150 sounds perfect – better top speed, larger fuel tank, and better seat. I can’t wait to test ride one.

  3. Just bought the Honda PCX 150. Love the scooter. I plan on riding it to & from work. Rode it home on the freeway & had no problem with it keeping up. Manuvered in & out of traffic like it owned the road. Perfect scooter for a woman on the go!!

  4. I have an old (2002) Silver Wing, which I like very much. But it’s time to trade. I love Honda for all the reasons we know, but I would really be interested in a newer design scooter, say in the 700cc range for touring long distances.

    As a “side bar”, I also think Honda needs a scooter in the 350cc range.

    What’s coming up for 2013 in the mid/large scooter department.



  5. why not make to order a flexable cc say 125_ 155or 180 or so after all its just
    a cilinder piston ring swap out the heads andlower end could remain the
    same with different settings on the injector to allow 4 different flow rates.
    Lets say a guy tips the scale at 140 the 125 will keep up another is 220 so maby a 155 to keep up ect what do u think?!

  6. If you are looking for a good scooter, then check out the Aprilia SRV 850. Bad to the bone and still a step thru scooter.


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