Triumph Announces Prices of New-For-2012 Models

Triumph Motorcycles has released the United States retail prices of its new-for-2012 models, the Tiger Explorer, Speed Triple R and Steve McQueen Edition. The Tiger Explorer is Triumph’s first entry into the premium adventure touring sector; it features an all-new 1,215cc three-cylinder powerplant delivering a claimed 137 horsepower. The Tiger Explorer also features shaft final drive electronic ABS brakes, cruise control and traction control, all as standard equipment. The Tiger Explorer will be available in May 2012 priced at $15,699.

Joining the Tiger Explorer in Triumph’s 2012 range is the Speed Triple R ABS, a premium version of Triumph’s iconic Speed Triple. Taking the Speed Triple as its base, the R version employs higher-specification chassis components to enhance handling. It has MotoGP-developed Öhlins suspension front and rear, Brembo monobloc brakes and lightweight PVM forged aluminum wheels, as well as sporty new colors and graphics. It will retail for $15,999 when it goes on sale this March.

Also new for 2012 is the limited-run Steve McQueen Edition model, of which only 1100 are being produced worldwide. Based on the classic Bonneville T100, the Steve McQueen Edition pays homage to the actor’s love of Triumph motorcycles and features a host of modified parts and a vintage color scheme. Fully licensed by the Hollywood icon’s estate, each bike is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Priced at $9,999, the Triumph Steve McQueenTM Edition arrives in showrooms in June.

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  1. I have always appreciated the clean lines and simplicity of Triumphs. But today, they have been influenced by the “tech look” copied by every other mfr. They have spent untold hours styling bits and pieces to “look” high-tech and complex. Clutter and exposed hardware is fashionable now. I’d hate to have to own this thing and try to clean it after a year or so.

    Please give us back competent engineered components that don’t look like they came from a NASA programmers nightmare.

  2. I like Triumphs -I have an ’09 speed triple, but of late Triumph seem to be copying bikes from every sector sticking in a variant of the 3 cycl engine, and thinking it’s great. -boring.
    I used to admire them for their unique approach, but now instead of going somewhere new , it’s like lets copy a BMW 1200GS or a super Tenere stick a few more horses an extra cylinder in and its bound to be better.
    IMHO the Tiger explorer really misses the point -how about some NEW ideas?
    …also am I the only person who thinks that the new speed triple R is grossly over priced -I mean for that price I’d want 30 more horses not tweaked suspension and wheels that shave of a massive 2 lbs!! in weight


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