Neduro to Dakar

Neduro to DakarDakar. Just the name of this city, in the West African country of Senegal, evokes images of endless dunes, rock-studded roads and mile-long dust plumes kicked up by racing machinery blasting to the next checkpoint in the famed Dakar Rally. The event has migrated to another continent, where the Andes and the Atacama throw down new challenges to riders and machinery, and the competition is as fierce as ever.

Ned Suesse, creator of the Dual Sport Riding Techniques and Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques instructional DVDs that I’ve reviewed in the pages of Rider, has decided to take the plunge and pit himself against the best in the world at the 2012 Dakar Rally. And what a plunge it is. He has to build a bike, organize a crew, manage the logistics of a 15-day rally in South America…and somehow pay for it all.

Ned’s passion for motorcycles and his experience in several Baja races and enduro events will be invaluable once he roosts away from the start line in Mar del Plata, Argentina. But right now he could use some pre-race monetary assistance to put all the pieces in place. He’s set up a website,, to offer you a piece of his adventure for a piece of your disposable income. Several big names in motorcycling – like Wolfman, KTM, and Motion Pro – are already sponsoring him, so you’ll be in good company supporting Ned’s rally team. And you won’t go away empty-handed. Besides having your own rider in the Dakar rally, you’ll get some goodies to remember the event by. For $50, you’ll be a Stage Supporter and receive a cotton T-shirt and race team stickers, plus access to Ned’s private race blog. Be the first on your block to sport a Neduro to Dakar sticker on your scoot!

Race Supporters ($150) receive a synthetic T-shirt, hat, stickers, number plate decal and big discounts from Butler Maps, Wolfman, Klim, MX1West, BRP and Outrider Journal. Signing on as a sponsor ($500) will put your name or logo onto Ned’s bike, and net you too much stuff and too many discounts to list here. Check ‘em out on the Neduro website.

Few of us have the talent or stamina to even think of riding Dakar, fewer still have the drive to put together a competitive entry. Thierry Sabine, the race founder, called Dakar “A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.” While most of us continue to dream, Ned is forging ahead with the challenge. So click in with a donation, then kick back with a cold one and watch your rider compete in the 2012 Dakar Rally. It all starts on January 1, 2012 – be a part of it!



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