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Rider magazine app iconMotorcycle touring, travel and adventure riders, vintage and custom bike enthusiasts and fans in general of the motorcycle lifestyle consider Rider magazine THE source of motorized two-wheel information. Next time you load up your bike for a trip, flip on the lights in your motorcycle workshop or sit down for some armchair riding, be sure to get a copy of Rider magazine for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with the Rider Magazine App. Every issue is packed with road tests of the latest motorcycles, touring and destination stories and Favorite Rides from around the country, as well as gear and accessory reviews, motorcycle camping tips, and maintenance advice for your touring, cruiser, dual-sport and sport-touring bikes. Scroll or tap among industry news and New Products, buyers guides and editorial columns by our knowledgeable staff, and zoom-in on your dream machine. Wherever you go on your motorcycle, take Rider magazine with you!

Simply visit the App Store and do a search for Rider magazine to download it directly to your device, or download to your computer before your next device update using the link below. The $1.99 purchase price includes access to the current issue. Recent back issues, future issues and subscriptions are also available for purchase in the App.



      • It’s almost October. Still having problems with your digital provider? My print subscription runs out next month, and I don’t want to renew it if I can get the digital version.

        • Rider magazine is currently available for Apple products (iPod, iPad…) through he iTunes store. Search for “Rider.” We will have it available on ALL platforms (Android, PC…) by the end of October.

  1. No go. Went to the App Store, searched on Rider, and got a bunch of stuff but not the Rider magazine app. Something else must be wrong.

    • This is strange. I can’t access it on my iPhone either, but one of the other guys in the office can get it on his iPad. I’ll look into it as it’s supposed to be working. Stay tuned…

  2. When I go in from the link on the Rider website, I get a “not available on the U.S. site” error message from the App store instead of the other non-Rider apps appearing.

    Perhaps it’s an iOS8 induced problem? I’ve updated both my IPhone and IPad, and now cannot get the app (I had it many months ago, but deleted it and now cannot get it back). Maybe the other guy in the office hasn’t updated his iPad yet.

    Staying tuned!

    • We’re having issues with the app. We recently changed companies and the transition did not go as smoothly as it should have. Hope to have it operational yet this month. So sorry for the delay.

    • We’re having issues with our digital product, which will eventually work on ALL applications. We recently changed companies and the transition did not go as smoothly as it should have. Hope to have it operational yet this month. So sorry for the delay. Keep an eye on our Latest News page for instructions when it becomes available.

      • The old app no longer offers subscriptions and my subscription has expired.

        The new app is available but the most recent issue offered is September. I already have the November issue with the old app. It makes no sense for me to subscribe if all I will receive is an older issue I already have.

        You guys need to get this fixed now if you value your iPad subscribers. At the very least you could provide some kind of notification of what is going on beyond a lame and very hard to find “We’re having issues with our digital product”.

        When are you going to get this fixed and offer something other than a 3 month out of date issue?

        • We badly underestimated the ease of transition between our old and new digital vendors. At the risk of poor service in the short-term, we are committed to excellent service and quality over the long haul. We think our readers deserve that. And, frankly, the Rider brand demands it. At least one extra issue will be added to each digital subscription for the frustration and disappointment caused. Thank you for sticking with Rider during this time of change and improvement.

  3. I am interested in a digital subscription, but notice your ipad app issue is behind your print copy. December is on the shelves but Nov is the latest avaiable for download. Is this normal for your magazine?

    • Hi Wade! This is not typical at all and we thank you for pointing this out. We are working to get the December issue loaded immediately. Typically, the digital issues will be available at the same time OR SOONER than the printed editions.


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