Park-n-Move Motorcycle Cruiser Stand Review

[This Park-n-Move Motorcycle Cruiser Stand Review was originally published in the July 2009 issue of Rider magazine]
Park-n-Move Cruiser Stand
Park-n-Move Cruiser Stand

All of my bikes sit on centerstands except my American V-twin. It leans over way too casually on its sidestand, and its footprint easily covers two bikes’ worth of space. Rolling it around in those tight confines is exacerbated by its rake, weight, and rolling friction…it’s a tug, believe me.

The Park-n-Move motorcycle stand designed for centerstand-equipped bikes works so well I was anticipating the release of Legalspeeding’s new product specifically designed for cruiser/sidestand-only bikes. Picture a low-slung, heavy-duty dolly with a foot lever-operated, integral centerstand that contacts and lifts a bike across its frame rails. Aaron Zimmerman, from, says the new model will work on any cruiser on which the frame rails are the lowest point under the bike. This includes most metric cruisers as well as American bikes. It will not work on Victory machines where the crankcases sit lower than the frame. Peek under your machine and check the frame or contact for confirmation.

It’s built of 3/8-inch laser-cut steel with four double-wheeled castors, two of which are lockable, and weighs in at a chunky 32 pounds. Zimmerman advertises an 1100-pound capacity, and that should cover just about any bike. The fully extended height and its lift range are adjustable with spacers, so most bikes can be accommodated. Also, provisions can be made for special constructions, according to Zimmerman.

I was able to easily lift a donor Harley Road King and spin the bike in a circle. The heavy bike was quite stable and moved smoothly if the Park-n-Move was aligned correctly under the balance point. Ground clearance beneath the dolly is tight. For instance, mine won’t climb onto the carpet runners on which my bikes typically reside. An uneven or cracked floor might be problematic. Smooth, flat concrete is perfect. Be aware, the Park n Move is not designed as a work stand, and common sense must be employed since cruisers are heavy machines.Hold the bike upright, control the foot movement smoothly and, once lifted, the handle can be removed. Reattach the handle, lower the sidestand, press again, and the bike lowers without any problem. Required foot pressure is lighter than it appears. The first few times that I used it, I had a helper stand by. Once I got familiar with the operation, it was a snap to use.

Park-n-Move Cruiser Stand
Park-n-Move Cruiser Stand

It is nice to be able to pack multiple bikes closer to one another. The Personal Passenger was so impressed by the extra floor space, she warmed up to acquiring another machine.

Legalspeeding can also supply a specialized dolly for Harleys that use the aftermarket EZUp centerstand, and provides a link to EZUp regarding its ride-off stands. Also, check out the standard Park-n-Move for bikes with their own center stands. See the videos at Scroll down to the cruiser version and watch Aaron lift and roll.

Nice product. Works well. Mine has gotten me a green light for another bike. I can’t guarantee that will work for you but you will definitely gain more space.


  1. I had a regular center stand installed 4 years ago at Sturgis on my Electra Glide. It saves a lot of room in garage during the non riding months, and makes the bike much easier to wash. Not if being able to roll around would be an advantage, or it would even work with 1,000 lb bike. I’m happy with what it and would probably put on any bike I have in future. Even it hits the ground once in a while if going over a curb, but still find it quite functional.


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