Aerostich LP Bag Review

Aerostich LP Bag
Aerostich LP Bag

One of the most memorable and hilarious comedy routines was the late George Carlin’s “A Place for My Stuff.” With his signature irreverent style, Carlin probed right to the heart of the American obsession with accumulating stuff, and our ever-growing need for places to put that stuff. By necessity, motorcyclists pack light. But we still need places to put our stuff: all those geegaws, farkles and doohickeys found throughout fine publications such as the Aerostich RiderWearhouse catalog. And wouldn’t you know it, those clever folks in Duluth, Minnesota, not only offer widgets, but they offer dozens of bags, boxes and containers for those very widgets.

Take, for instance, this Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag. Like a rain poncho or mini flashlight, it is small and can be stashed in a tiny spot until you need it. Made of lightweight, water-resistant sil-nylon (silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon), it measures a mere 4.5 × 3.75 × 2 inches when compressed, though when stuffed inside the built-in pouch (which seals with hook-and-loop and doubles as a small storage pocket for keys, change, earplugs and so on) it’s shaped more like a medium-sized orange. Being soft, it can be crammed into all sorts of out-of-the-way nooks and crannies: under the seat, in pockets of tank or tail bags, in the cargo pocket of your Aerostich Roadcrafter suit, etc.

Aerostich LP Bag folded up.
Aerostich LP Bag folded up.

All seams on the LP bag are reinforced with black nylon binding for durability and strength; the two handles are tacked, bound and double reinforced so they won’t rip or pull off. Dual, heavy-duty draw cords made of flat nylon webbing are sewn through the top lip of the bag, which double as cinch closures and shoulder straps so you can wear the LP bag like a backpack. Again, for added strength, the bag’s bottom corners are reinforced with Cordura through which the shoulder straps pass through grommet style cord locks for adjusting length.

When pulled out of the stuff pouch and opened for use, the LP bag measures 19 × 20 × 18 inches, somewhat larger than a typical plastic grocery bag. On the way home from the office, you can whip out the bag, fill it with a few provisions and wear it like a backpack on the way home. Of course, be careful with eggs, fresh-cut flowers and multiple glass jars of marshmallow fluff. I’ve been using the LP bag as my stinky laundry bag during trips, so I really appreciate that it cinches tightly to contain my malodorous socks and skivvies. Really, there aren’t many carry-it uses to which the Lightweight Portable Bag can’t be put. And being lightweight nylon, if you get it dirty or funky it can be thrown in the washing machine and hung to dry quickly.

Aerostich’s website says, vaguely, that LP bags are available in “assorted colors” for $25 each. Judging from photos online, it seems the assortment is limited to red, orange, blue, bright green and dark green. If you had your heart set on black, yellow or neon pink, as of now you are S.O.L. Be sure to specify a color when placing your online order.

For more information, visit or call (800) 222-1994.


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