MobileEdge SecurePack Motorcycle Backpack Review

Review by Troy Siahaan
[This MobileEdge SecurePack Motorcycle Backpack Review was originally published in the September 2007 issue of Rider magazine]

Being a moto-scribbler by trade means that my four-wheeled vehicle doesn’t see much action. Much of my daily commute is done on two wheels, but that usually requires carrying little things with me. Sure, tankbags, saddlebags, tailbags and other forms of bags make life easier while on a bike, but a problem arises once I get to my destination.

Most forms of bags have a handle to use once off the bike, but I’ve found that nothing is quite as versatile as a backpack. I use a backpack all the time whether I’m on a bike or not because it frees up my hands to do other things. The problem I’ve had with other backpacks is that all the zippers are exposed. I’ve been lucky to never have anything taken from my backpack in a crowded area, but I can’t help but wonder, “What if?”

MobileEdge had the same concerns when developing its SecurePack motorcycle backpack, and each time I look at it I wonder why I didn’t come up with it myself. The answer to the exposed zippers problem? Hiding them! That’s right; nowhere on the SecurePack will you find an exposed zipper. The unique design prevents anybody from getting their hands on your things while it’s being worn, as the SecurePack opens from the back. It’s constructed from durable nylon material and features a dedicated computer compartment that holds notebooks with up to 17-inch screens. Two more compartments have enough space to carry everything from books and folders to school supplies and mp3 players. Numerous pockets and hook-and-loop pouches line the interior and can carry small things like PDAs, keys and other accessories. Another padded pouch on the exterior can hold an iPod (or other mp3 player) and has a little opening for earbuds to pass through so you can listen to music while you’re walking. Again, access to the pouch is concealed to the outside world.

MobileEdge SecurePack Backpack Interior
MobileEdge SecurePack Backpack Interior

After living with the SecurePack for some time now I wonder how I got by without it. With dimensions of 21.5 x 15.5 x 8.5 inches, there’s more than enough room for all my stuff. The padded and ventilated back panel never snags on my riding gear, the waist strap ensures it doesn’t move while I’m riding and the ergonomic shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly across my shoulders. This thing is just super comfortable to wear. I’ve even challenged some friends to try and get inside the bag without me noticing. None have been successful.

When MobileEdge first designed the SecurePack it didn’t have motorcyclists in mind. Its original intent was as a more secure backpack for those who need it. After word caught on about the product, more and more motorcyclists realized that it makes a good motorcycle accessory as well. Fortunately not much else needs to be done to make it more motorcycle friendly. It comes with reflective piping, though they’re rather thin strips. More reflective material would be my only request. Another added perk is that the shape of the SecurePack is already aerodynamic, so there’s no need to worry about an odd shape of a backpack buffeting the helmet.

The SecurePack retails for $79.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty. A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is also offered on the SecurePack as well as all its products, but I’m not sure I qualify–I’m not satisfied because I have to give it back.

For more information contact MobileEdge, 1150 N. Miller Street, Anaheim, California 92806; (714) 399-1400;


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