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iXS Finja Jacket Review

iXS Finja Women's Jacket

Female motorcyclists have unique needs: we want safety and protection, but we also don’t want to be mistaken for an NFL linebacker when we’re in our riding gear. Fortunately, jackets like iXS’s Finja offer comfortable protection—and look good doing it. The Finja is what I consider a “temperate 3-season” jacket; it features a removable Cynix thermal liner, a non-removable water- ...

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Tour Master Trinity Series 2 Women's Motorcycle Jacket Review


While motorcycling remains a primarily male activity, more women are riding their own bikes and as passengers. Still, it’s often difficult to find riding wear that is cut specifically for women, and especially top-line gear at a reasonable price. That’s why I was enthused to find this new Tour Master Trinity Series 3 jacket for my friend, Patti. The three-quarter-length ...

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Scorpion Voyage XDR Motorcycle Jacket and Savannah Pants Review

Scorpion Donya

[this Scorpion Voyage Motorcycle Jacket and Savannah Pants Review was originally published in the October 2009 issue of Rider magazine] As with the rest of Scorpion’s women’s apparel line, the new Voyage XDR (Xtreme Distance Rider) motorcycle jacket and Savannah pants are the result of input from women riders who put on some serious miles. This isn’t just another stylish ...

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Cortech LNX Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review


[This Cortech LNX Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review was originally published in the October 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Even though you’re reading the October issue, I’m writing this in July, and my favorite time of year is in full swing. One of the reasons I really like summer is because it’s easy to get suited up for a ride. ...

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