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Wisconsin Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle Riding in Wisconsin's Door County


The first slice of this three-day tour began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where five intrepid motojournalists landed on a Thursday afternoon at the city’s General Mitchell International Airport. We’d be cruisin’ through the Land of WI, a state known for the Green Bay Packers, as the corporate home of Harley-Davidson and, of course, for its famous cheese. We came at the ...

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The Ride to Red Wing: Meandering Through the Midwest


The planning session for the ride had been laughable. We were three old farts, card-carrying AARP members, edging into retirement. Gary had suggested a three-day trip to Red Wing, Minnesota. Dick fiddled with a recently acquired GPS. I unrolled a map. “What’s to figure out?” I’d asked. “We head west from Lake Michigan. When we hit the Mississippi, we turn ...

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Exploring Wisconsin State Route 67


My Dad told me, “Always go home a different way than you went, or you’ll never learn your way around.” I’ve always tried to follow that advice, and as a result, I’ve ridden just about every road in Wisconsin. One day I realized that the road I live on, Wisconsin State Road 67, is one of the most varied and ...

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Motorcycle Ride in Door County, Wisconsin


Door County, Wisconsin, covers the tip of a narrow peninsula, with Lake Michigan lapping at its eastern beaches and Green Bay gracing its western shores. A popular summer destination, its shoulder-to-shoulder vacationers and bumper-to-bumper traffic in peak season are not necessarily a motorcyclist’s dream. But there is a way for riders to enjoy Door County Coastal Byway, also known as ...

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Touring the Forgotten Iron Range in Wisconsin and Michigan

web-Atop Mt. Zion, Ironwood, MI (2)

Late in the 19th century, in Wisconsin’s far north and on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, above ground thousands of men hacked out a living logging the state’s vast hardwood forests. At the same time, thousands of feet below the surface, hard rock miners blasted and hammered out millions of tons of iron ore. Dozens of mines dotted the Penokee Range, where ...

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A Tale of Two Lakes: Riding the Circle Tour


I’m a careful planner, but the key to this journey was decided by the flip of a coin. Heads, clockwise, tails, counterclockwise. It was tails, so my journey would take me up the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, across the top of Lake Superior, and back home along Lake Michigan’s western shore. My fascination with the these two Great Lakes ...

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Wisconsin's Best Motorcycle Roads: The Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour


Story and photography by M. Cooper Larson [Wisconsin’s Best Motorcycle Roads: The Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the March 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Most of us don’t need a reason to go riding-especially when the riding involves some of the most beautiful roads in the Midwest. But what if you could ride ...

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Wisconsin: An Off-Season Rumble Through Harley Country


Oh, what I don’t know about Harleys! Like, um, where’s the toolkit on this thing? There isn’t one? Oh. Well maybe this guy sitting down at the booth next to mine can help. He’s wearing the colors—sporty black letterman’s jacket with the orange logo on the back. It’s 37 degrees outside and I’d really like to hook up my electric ...

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